Simon Stinger

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Simon Stinger was a modern rock group that called it quits around 2005. Ric Ocasek from The Cars was about to sign the group to Elektra, but the label ended up folding into Atlantic. SS was led by the unmistakable and distinct style of duo Alicia Perrone and Victor James, who now head up the alternative dance group Fans of Jimmy Century.
Simon Stinger’s most popular track “French Connection” was an Itunes Single of the Week and was also featured on Itunes Anniversary Album of the Itunes Staff’s Favorite Picks in 2004. Other standout tracks by Simon Stinger were Presence of Love (first written for Cher, but when it was never recorded, they kept the track and released it themselves,) Madame X, and The Future Will Blow Your Mind. Fans of Jimmy Century re-did The Future Will Blow Your Mind on their debut CD “Twist of the Banshees.” They’re also currently re-doing Madame X and have titled it “Hush Madame X.” With 3 CD’s worth of material from Simon Stinger and 3 CDs already from Fans of Jimmy Century, Alicia Perrone and Victor James have a lot of great tracks to sift through.