Simone Cilio

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Simone Cilio was born in Niscemi, Sicily and since childhood has showed an unconditional love for music. Before devoting himself to film music, he has embarked on the path of drummer playing in 3 bands for 6 years. In 2009, thanks to Ludovico Einaudi’s compositions, he decided to start experimenting with an instrument that, according to him, is the instrument that describe his feelings and moods: piano. This opens a new phase in which he composes 2 albums, the first focusing only on the piano and the second where he starts to¬†orchestrate his works. This was the detail that will bring him to compose music for films. In 2013 he founded, with his brother, the studio where he works, records and composes: the Cilio Bros Studio.

In December 2014 he has been a jury member of the festival “Brevi d’Autore – Alessio Mazzuca”.