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Nominated for Independent Rock Album of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards – Album: “Amplify Your Soul”

Michael is the lead guitarist of this band. Read about this band!

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2012…Young Justices…4 Episodes…Adam Strange

2011…Trigger…2nd Stage Theatre…Ryan

Simpleworld Amplifies pop
Everyone loves to discover something new, something fresh, something hip. Simpleworld is just that, a new band who is unleashing their sound throughout the popular clubs in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. The five-member band that includes Zeus (lead vocals), Michael (guitar), Kevin (bass guitar), Christian (drums) and M (keyboards), recently returned home to the Bay Area after months of entertaining their fans in Los Angeles. Their slogan holds true, “Simpleworld, Intelligent pop for planet Earth.”
But what is intelligent pop? Simpleworld’s manager, Peter Koulouris, describes their sound as “very melody-driven and laden with catchy choruses and great guitar hooks. The lyrics aren’t just infectious — there’s a depth and intelligence to them that is uncommon in most pop/rock music these days.”
Infectious lyrics are an understatement. Their songs not only speak to listeners, they resonate inside of them. One of the best songs they perform is “Simpleworld.” Zeus ignites the audience with his tremendous stage presence and encourages the crowd to sing along. Old fans and new can’t help but sing along to the appealing lyrics.
“And all I/want I’m asking you/Is to show me something new/Instead of handing out the past/To wrap it up and serve it back/And even thought it tasted new/And even though it might be true/It seems to me/There’s got to be/More than just a simple world I see,” they sing. “Simpleworld” is just one of six tracks of their self-produced debut album Amplify Your Soul, which was recently nominated for Best Independent Rock Album of 2003 at the Los Angeles Music Awards.
With hundreds of bands playing weekly in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, breaking into the music industry is extremely difficult. MTV and VH1 portray the public and glamorous side of the music business; Simpleworld knows that getting to that point is a challenge — a challenge they all willingly accept and are now well on their way to accomplishing.
“Like most bands, we hope to accomplish the goal of having a successful career of writing and producing songs on our terms,” M said. “Many bands write songs for a ‘perceived’ market, while Simpleworld tries to create something we like first, then hopefully it will resonate with others.”
It all started back in college when “Zeus, Michael and I all went to Santa Clara University and (formed) the nucleus of the band,” Kevin said. “Christian went to UC Berkeley and knew Michael. M went to Cal State Hayward and knew Michael and Christian.”
What initially sparked Zeus’s interest in starting a band was “hanging out with our friends, playing music and having a good time. Or was it to impress the ladies?”
Whatever the reason was, the band began rehearsing “whenever and wherever we could — in a Santa Clara theater department rehearsal room,” Zeus said.
However, bands come and go, and the guys found themselves following other careers. Now they have reunited and have decided to focus on their band. The continued love and support of their friends and families have been beneficial to their recent success.
“All of our friends and families support us completely,” Michael said. “It’s not unusual to see our parents at shows. They’ve even been known to show up at places like the Viper Room and The Sunset Room. If they want to brave the Sunset Strip on a Saturday night, more power to them!”
Indeed this is true, as Michael’s father and sister showed up at Slim’s in San Francisco for a, “packed show on October 16th that featured an escaped Chihuahua storming the stage halfway through the set,” Christian said.
Although the Bay Area is home to Simpleworld, most of their performances take place in various venues throughout Hollywood, The Viper Room, The Sunset Room, The Derby, Club Lingerie and so on. However, they are slated to open for the band PALOALTO on December 2 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The group is an eclectic bunch; each one has different interests and ambitions, yet they all share one common passion, music and more specifically, Simpleworld.
Zeus and Michael are both working actors in Hollywood. Zeus recently had a lead role in the remake of the “Hunter” series on NBC. Michael recently was a guest star on “C.S.I.” and had a lead role on the James Brolin show “Pensacola: Wings of Gold.” Kevin currently co-manages his family steel business in San Diego, and Christian works for a software company in L.A. M has spent the last year and a half on sabbatical from a ‘real world’ job to focus his attention on writing songs and producing the simpleworld debut CD.
Simpleworld is a remarkably talented band. Don’t be surprised if you hear them on the radio or see them on MTV in the next few months. But why wait? Go to their website at [I do not think this link is right but that’s what it says] and check out photos, biographies and links to purchase merchandise and their CD “Amplify Your Soul.”
This story originally appeared in The Campanile on October 27, 2003.

Place of Birth
San Mateo, California, USA
Birth Name
Edward Michael Trucco
Date Of Birth
June 22, 1970
6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
Sandra Hess
Born on June 22, 1970, Michael Trucco is an actor who is most famous for his work as Samuel T. Anders on Battlestar Galactica. He studied at Junipero Serra High School and though he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps as a police officer, his interest changed as he got exposed to theater. Subsequently, he completed his degree in Theatre Arts at the Santa Clara University.
In 1997, Trucco made his TV debut on Pensacola: Wings of Gold, followed by roles on Confessions of a Sexist Pig, Charmed, Ablaze, Knight Club, A Girl, Three Guys, and a Gun, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, The Groomsmen and Tru Calling.
In 2005, Trucco played the recurring role of Cooper Lee on One Tree Hill. That same year, he was also cast as Samuel T. Anders on Battlestar Galactica, which was his biggest role thus far. Most recently, though, he became a series regular on the USA Network series Fairly Legal.
Source: Buddy TV

Lead guitarist of the band “simpleworld”.
Graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts.
Father is a police officer.
Played football and wrestled in high school.
Aside from acting, Michael would have loved to become a competitive race car driver, or policeman.
Source: IMDB