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Recipient for outstanding music video 1999 LA Music Awards

Song: “Buttercup” Director: Kri Shakar

Band History: Elysa Grey’s former project was called SINBOY – a modern edged Rock outfit created by the singer / songwriter. Relocating from the East Coast to Los Angeles, Grey built up the band during 1996 alongside former PHANTOM BLUE musician, songwriting partner Karen Kreutzer. SINBOY played their inaugural live show in September 1997 at the legendary Sunset Strip venue The Coconut Teaser’ with Rana Ross, a 1994 member of PHANTOM BLUE and 1997 touring musician for VIXEN, on bass. The 1999 ‘3 Deadly …’ sessions were recorded at at The Office Studios and produced by ex-SKULL, BALANCE and MEAT LOAF guitarist Bob Kulick and Tom Fletcher. A video of the song BUTTERCUP was produced by Kri Shakar.
SINBOY issued the 2002 album ‘Experiment #13: The Path Which Should Be Taken’. Joining the line-up would be guitarist David Nahmani and the BAD MOON RISING, BRANOM, HERICANE ALICE and BANGALORE CHOIR credited drummer Jackie Ramos. This album was produced by GREY at Zero Crossing Studios in Hollywood, CA. in 2000.
Currently Karen and Jackie have moved on seemingly out of the music business. David has a new project and Rana passed away on 3rd May 2003 due to liver failure.
This site contains a collection of songs I have written/programmed/recorded/performed with various players and sometime collaborators.

I have a large library of original music and songs with styles varying from pop – industrial – hard rock – acoustic – electronica – dance – soundtracks. Most written as a duo or solo artist.

Elysa Grey – cheif songwriter and the creative force behind the Los Angeles industrial erotorockers – an electronic songstress, programmer, and powerhouse vocalist –
is excited about the new material co-written by punk,glam, power pop guitarist/songwriter Billi Foxxx – whose outrageous performances was influental in launching a number of L.A.’s hottest acts including DEADGIRL, THE PEPPERMINT CREEPS, & THE BATHROOM MAFIA.

LOVEJUNK creates “ElectraPunk” fusion – Mixing electronic tribal percussions, infectious in-the-pocket bass lines, song driven power pop guitar rhythms, with a Punk Rock attitude and some screamin’ sexy in your face chants!

Influenced by the orgasmic passion of NIN’s Trent Reznor, White Zombie’s hellish jungle grooves, and Marilyn Manson’s twisted orgy of electronic nightmares, The Backyard Babies, Elvis, Motley Crue…..