Sir Brett Hunt

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Live Performance

2013 Producers Choice Recipient – Breakthrough Rap Performer – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee -Male Pop Artist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee – Solo Performer of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

“I’m first and foremost a Geek, I love gaming, movies, cons, SCA, and all around geek stuff.”

Brett Hunt was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up like most kids, playing and hanging out with friends. However it was abundantly clear that at an early age he was going to be in show business. His grandmother signed him up to be on a local TV show “Blinkey’s Fun Club” with local hero, Blinkey the clown; at the age of 6 and Brett was the center of the show. His fascination with entertainment kept building and he would lip-sync with his friends for family and just about anyone who listened, usually making a big production from it. It was at the age of 10 that Brett discovered magic from a local magic shop and he would go there every day after school and watch and learn, he also landed a role on 2 local commercials. By the age of 13 Brett was performing and at the age of 14 was working his own magic shows and being paid. Throughout school Brett would take theatre and music classes, he would tryout and land roles with the local school theatre groups and continued both local print & TV commercial work.
Brett decided he needed to see more of what the world had to offer and made the choice at the age of 17 to enlist into the US Navy and immediately went overseas to Japan. Brett served in the first Gulf War on board the flagship USS Midway. While in Japan he continued to perform magic and performed in the local theatre group. In 1992, he was signed to do his first World Magic Illusion Tour through Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea and Japan. After the military Brett kept learning new things to keep his mind sharp he became a Firefighter/EMT with a local fire department. In 2001, Brett’s life changed when he was called up to serve his country once again he did two tours, one of those which lead him back to the Middle East for the second Gulf War. Being already a veteran he would do stand-up comedy & magic for fellow soldiers to take all their minds off the tension.
After his final tour Brett decided to become a reserve police officer and pursue a different path. Brett eventually decided that public service was not his passion and followed yet a different path. In 2004, Brett began working at Microsoft and started back at school to learn movie production. Brett teamed up with his best friend Robert and started full swing into entertainment again when they decided to start “The Popcorn Review.” TPR became a fast hit and had a fan base of upwards of 1 million people just from the “MySpace” site alone, it spun off a weekly radio show along with four syndication partners. In 2006, Brett, Robert and their personal assistant Teresa decided to move to L.A. and live the Hollywood dream.
Brett has since been a working actor and producer in L.A.

~Brett is a highly decorated veteran who has served our country with the military; he served in both the US Navy and the US Army, (Surface, Air, Sub, and Special Ops) (He served in both Gulf Wars in 90-91 & again in 02-04).

~He has been an Entrepreneur, with a wide range of successful businesses, Retail Stores (Fantasy Realm & Game Stop), Entertainment- Hollywood (Actor, Producer, Comedian), Digital Media companies (The Popcorn Review, Quantum 34 Productions & Raging Gopher Productions), Banking & Finance (Alliance Financial Solutions, LLC, Quantum Transactions & Pacific National Bankcard), and Motivational and Coaching (Empowerment Inc).

~He has served as a Firefighter-EMT with Jefferson County Fire Department.

~He has traveled all over the world, visiting 21 countries, and took residence in Japan for 4 years.

~Brett is a working Actor, Comedian, Rapper, and Producer in Los Angeles, CA.

~A former adjunct college professor, teaching business of Film & Video with an emphasis on digital media.

~He has toured & lectured all over the country performing his own unique style of entertainment.

~He knows 2 languages (English & Japanese) and he is currently learning 2 more (Italian & French).

All this has made Brett the person he is today, and he has made it his life’s mission to use these experiences to bring laughter, music, and his own unique talents in order to help people overcome challenges that they may now face.

Brett currently holds – AA in Film Production, BS in Business, Masters in Finance, & PhD in Metaphysics. He is a Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Certified Life Coach, Certified EFT Trainer, as well as an Ordained Minister.

Brett currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.