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Red Carpet Interview

2011 Nominee – Pop Single of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “Puppeteer”

2011 Nominee – Pop Artist of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

2011 Producers Choice Award – Breakthrough Performer of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

2012 Recipient – POP Artist of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee -Male Pop Artist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Born in Colorado in 1997, 17-year old Sir Castanon has proven himself to be a “jack of all trades”. He is a triple threat and has an incredible resume to prove it.  Castanon started traveling to and from Denver to L.A. in September 2004 following his discovery in NYC at IMTA. He immediately booked two short films, a McDonald’s commercial and co-starring appearances on TNT’s “Wanted” and NBC’s “Crossing Jordan”. In early 2005, Castanon guest starred on hit CBS series “Ghost Whisperer” and “N.C.I.S.” His performance on “Ghost Whisperer” earned critical acclaim, and he received his 1st Young Artist Award and consideration for other major Hollywood honors.

     In July 2005, ten months after beginning his professional acting career, Castanon broke into feature film starring Adam Sandler’s son in Columbia Pictures/Revolution Studios “Click”.
Castanon worked non-stop in 2006 earning recurring roles on CBS/Paramount’s TV series “Jericho” and VH1′s “I Hate My 30s”, guest star on CBS-TV’s “Shark” and WB’s “Pepper Dennis” and costar on CBS’s “Without a Trace” in addition to his second feature film Turkey Ranch Production“Dead Write” starring Rachel Hunter as well as a lead on the  CBS mini series “Comanche Moon” – the prequel to “Lonesome Dove” starring Val Kilmer. Castanon  moved on to his third feature film Woodland Productions’ “Plot 7″, which led him to his next short film “Little Wings”.

     2007 brought numerous opportunities for Castanon including the feature film “Happiness Runs” starring Rutger Hauer, multiple episodes of VH-1′s “I Hate My 30s” and a comical co-star on NBC’s “E.R.”Castanon opened 2008 with a guest starring role on “October Road” and a lead role on the third and final episode of CBS’s “Comanche Moon” earning him his second Young Artist Award. He then followed it with a booking for the film “Nick & Tristian Go Mega Dega”, then starred in the West Coast Ensemble stage production of “Big the Musical”. His enjoyment performing for a live audience encouraged the triple threat to seek a professional singing career.   Castanon stepped up his vocal training and created the stage name Sir Castanon.

     In August 2009, Castanon flew to Minnesota to shoot a lead role in Lost Coin Productions’  motion picture “Prodigal.”  No sooner did he arrive, Castanon learned that he had also booked a commercial for “Toyota” that would run with NFL games throughout the football season.  Castanon completed the film and managed to return to L.A. within six hours of  the  commercial shoot. He also shot his own pilot, which is in post production. Castanon also filmed ‘Prodigal’ in 2010, a controversial film about a real-life communist community in the 50’s.

     In January of 2011, Sir Castanon released his debut album, “Puppeteer”, and the music video for the lead single “Puppeteer”. The album and video receieved high critical acclaim and even earned him a spot opening for Australian-heartthrob Cody Simpson in May 2011. “Sir Castanon has the persona of a Club Kid meets Pop star, in the tradition of Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, only through the eyes of Justin Bieber,” – Howard, Soundtrack to My Day. Along with the great reviews, “Puppeteer” earned Castanon multiple award nominations and wins, most significantly, 4 L.A. Music Awards.

     Currently in 2014, Castanon is working on finishing his second album, “Leather Lovers”. which explores a new genre for the young artist. “It’s the perfect mix between my 3 favorite genres: Rock, Dance, and Pop,” says Castanon. The main influences of the album stem from his love for Rock & Roll and his obsession with grunge culture. “Leather Lovers” is due out in early 2015.