Slammin Gladys

Highlight Reel

Hair metal
Band Members
David Brooks – Vocals
JJ Farris – Guitar
Stephen De Board – Drums
Al Collins – Bass
Shawn Zavodney – Keyboard
Record Label
SBK Records
Short Description
Slammin Gladys 90s funk
A transplanted Akron, Ohio act with strong links to WARRANT. SLAMMIN’ GLADYS, featuring former RISQUE players vocalist / guitarist David Brooks, guitarist J.J. Farris, bassist Al ‘Alley’ Collins and drummer Stephen De Board, had their solitary 1992 album executive produced by JANI LANE of WARRANT. Lane had previously worked with Collins in the formative act PLAYNE JANE and had also produced 1991 demos for RISQUE. Keyboards came courtesy of former DEFCON man Shawn Zavodney. The album tracks ‘Down On Your Knees’ and ‘What U Need’ were co-written by Lane. Brooks subsequently donated vocals to the HOLLYWOOD PROJECT album whilst guitarist J.J. Farris would feature as guest acoustic guitarist on the track ‘Stronger Now’ on WARRANT’s ‘Ultraphobic’. Backing vocals on ‘Lay Me Down’ and ‘Push’ would be supplied by Randee Robbins of WARBRIDE and SISTER STRANGE.

By 1994 SLAMMIN’ GLADYS had turned into MADMAN & POETS. The group would part company with singer Dave Brooks for a period of time, although he would be back by 1996 as the music took on a more Country Rock style and were hoping to persuade Steve DeBoard to join up. Indeed, two years later the trio of Brooks, Farris and DeBoard (looking more like accountants than Los Angeles Rock stars) were reunited in a brand new band project.

As a solo artist DAVE BROOKS issued the albums ‘A Fine Mess’ and ‘Colour Blind’. Brooks also featured on the 2005 RUSH tribute offering ‘Subdivision’, released by specialist Prog label Magna Carta. Shawn Zavodney subsequently joined WARRANT.
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