Smells Like L.A.

1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Various Artists -16 tracks-Music ranging alternative,rock & heavy metal.The Bands:Darcy’s Kiss,Ultra Violet Eye,The Mini-Skirt Mob,The Clowns, The Braves,Spindle,Quazi-Mofo,The Shatners, Devics, The Jigsaw Seen, Boys Named Sue, Let’s Talk About Girls,The Visionaries, Nag,Nag,Nag,The Trouble Dolls And The Leonards.

L.A. bands together
AUTHOR(S)Morris, Chris
PUB. DATEJuly 1993
SOURCEBillboard;7/17/93, Vol. 105 Issue 29, p99
SOURCE TYPETrade Publication
DOC. TYPEArticle
ABSTRACTReports on the collaborative orientation of the Alternative Power Source (APS), an aggrupation of local club acts in Los Angeles, California. Release of the album `Smells Like L.A.'; Participants; APS chapters in Chicago and San Francisco.
ACCESSION #9309302221

One of the bands on the compilation is the Shatners

The Shatners – “Shake Hands with The Shatners”
– definitive collection of demos, rarities + LIVE tracks from The Shatners

Many of these rare tracks were recorded for the band’s never-released rare 2nd album
“Get Us to the Church On Time, Or Else We’ll Slug Ya” (also known as The Pink Album)

The three superb rare LIVE tracks were recorded on a Sunday in 1994 (after midnight)
at Marina Pacifica Mall in Long Beach in front of 8 or 9 bored and fed-up hangers-on.

The second version of “Unfiltered Cigarettes” is from the rare 1993 compilation “Smells Like LA” on Wrecking Ball Records (Produced by Jim Cushinery) and features the rare incendiary drumming of future (and then-current) Carry Outs drummer Brian Bawinkel.

Brian now drums for PBS.

This compilation originally prepared by the very rare William Roper
Additions + anatomical corrections were made by the pseudo-incendiary Kurt Benbenek

The Shatners – born and raised in Long Beach, CA – USA

This compilation copyright © 2004 Houseplant Recordings,
a mighty sub-division of S.O.L. Records – USA

Source various (4-track demos, live board tapes, etc)
Run time 57 min
Label / Recorded by The Shatners


The Shatners – collectively and individually were/are Alan Borie (guitar, vocals) – Kurt Benbenek (guitar, vocals) – Bill Roper (bass, sax, vocals and strength) – Danny Green (guitar, vocals) – Christine Tasche (drums and vocals) – Brian Bawinkel (drums and vocals) – Mike Romero (bass, guitar, vocals) – France (drums, wristbands) – Marney Kincaid (drums, vocals) – Kurt Peterson (manager)

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The Shatners first album “Sad Encounter with Shirtless Boy on Short Bus Ride”