Solveig Romero “Sol”

Music Video

2013 Honorable Mention – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

SOL ROMERO (real name: Solveig Ellinor Campbell Romero) is a songwriter/singer/actress living in Los Angeles. She was born in Mexico City from a Swiss mother and Mexican father. Sol made her first music video in 2011 with the song “BiPolar Love”. She explains that the reason for her writing this song was that at that moment of her life and although she felt immensely loved she also felt tied down and enclosed. Through this song she undertook a trip through “a wonderland” where she tried to describe her contradicting inner feelings. Sol is currently putting together her first album “Darck Fantazy” and just finished shooting her second video in Switzerland.


When Sol was 13 she started taking singing lessons. In 1999 her Family moved from Mexico City to the touristic town of San Miguel de Allende, still in Mexico, where she soon afterwards made her debut as a camera-double for the movie “Once upon a time in Mexico”. That same year her father died in a car accident which left the sensible young adolescent without a voice, that is she was not able to sing anymore. She then finished school and started her journey into acting, In 2004 she ventured onto the set of the movie “Legend of Zorro” and afterwards moved to London to take acting classes at the World famous RADA Academy.

In 2006 she moved to Los Angeles and since 2007 she felt confident enough to take singing classes again. She gave various performances in 2007 at the Howard Fine Studio in Los Angeles, besides shooting her first short-movie in Switzerland “My Name is Arlein”. In 2008 she continued taking classes and also started writing her first own songs. The songs “running” and “missing you” were from that years and represent her first steps into songwriting and recording. During 2010 she had the idea of shooting a more professional (indie) video and by December of that year she was very happy to produce the music video of her first official song “BiPolar Love”.

The WIP of “BiPolar Love” was released on July 18, 2011 and the official video in July 2011 (as per today 549.776 views). At the same time she wrote and recorded the first songs of her upcoming album “Dark Fantazy”. In September 2011 she finished shooting her second music video in Switzerland for the song “Y did you leave”. She also met the Swiss Artist Florian Ast who expressed interest in her singing one of his compositions. Recordings of this song have already started at his recording studio in Switzerland.

Sol is now on her way back to Los Angeles and to continue producing in the US the song composed by Florian Ast and to shoot two more videos and continue recording the music album.


Sol is very unique in her array of talents she embodies. She is gifted with a outstanding creativity. She has a love for her work.
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