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1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

1996 Performer – 6th annual LA Music Awards

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

1997 Nominee – Outstanding Musical Group of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards

Mark Campbell – Lead Guitar Lead Vocals
Houston born , Austin resident of 12 years . The pleasure and pain of founding a band , the aching of a soul intent …… Producing the band’s music for his own indie label , Winesong Records , he still strives for that elusive sound , the ultimate goal of making music Magic . Mark had the honor of being hired into Humble Pie in 1983 , but obligations forced him to pass on the highly appreciated opportunity . Steve Marriott told him , ” You sing just like me , but this time with a bit more (Paul) Rodgers in your voice .” Those words rang in his ears for years to come , one of the many rewards of being in music . They plan to Tribute Steve , Greg , Peter , Jerry , Clem and Bobby in September 2013 or soon after . Philosophy : Self Evolution of the personality and the human psyche , the evolved spirit being the ultimate goal , self -responsibility and the understanding of the human will . That’s what is meant by naming the CD ” Straight Ahead Human “. 2012 will see two singles released , and dare I say it … almost a whole album . Sessions : Cassie LaBeaux 2010 (with David Dickenson (Producer) , Dreamtrybe : Moment of Madness , three or four songs on that one , released in 2005 . With Bekah Kelso ; With Darwin Prophet and Lynda Millard back when they were called Dana and Lynda . With Leon Mitcheson and the Eastex Freeway Band in the 70’s. With Yummy Ryan in the 80’s .With John and David Peyton in 1996 . . I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ernie Durawa in the studio . There were others , but till then , a shadow of an inkling of who , what and where .

Kim Hayley – Bass / Vocal
Him Hayley , Bass and Vocals . Kim’s extensive experience and instincts round out the stage show in a way that can only be described as LIVE . Unafraid to take a tangent into a jam and the crowd always follows , live without a net .

Mark Salmon – Drums
Mark Salmon , Drummer : from Houston , New Orleans born . Longtime Austin resident . A founding member of ‘Joe Rockhead’ , which featured his brother Bruce Salmon . Longtime drummer for Michael Knust ( Fever Tree) from his Houston ( as well as Austin) days . A survivor of Jumpstart . Having been in Highschool with guitarist Campbell , these are some deep roots that will definitely grow on you .

Selton Cole – Bass and Vocals
Selton Cole ( Bass and Vocals) Hailing from Memphis , previously with Eric Gales band , Chamber 36 , Jake Andrews , Guitar Shorty , ; currently with Dysfunction Junktion , Brother Magnum , Cherry Bombs , the Bizness , Ray Vonn and Platinum , Natalie Zoe , and Perfect Nation , bringing his consumate professionalism and cool vibe . He nails down the Vocals on several covers by artists like Sly Stone ; and his Bass Solos are way beyond what most people get in any live performance , anywhere . One of the best stage performers ever .

Michael Hale – Drummer
Michael Hale . Introduced to MC by bassist Selton Cole . Mike’s Hip-Hop stylings bring a fresh vibe to the tracks in studio and stage . Works with many high profile artists like Dan Dyer , Afrophreque , Bustamoovalators ,Chicken Strut , and others .Good playin’, good singin’ . Welcome . More info soon .

Mike Rieman – Bass and supportive Vocalization
Mike is a native Austinite , a longstanding name (and face) in Austin’s prolific history who has played with such diverse artists as Pauline Reese , Floramay Holiday , Denim , and it’s alter I.D. , The Big Time . We’re fortunate to have his participation. One of the finest musicians in the land , no exaggeration at all . Proficient in Jazz ; drumming being more evidence of his knack of mastery of his instruments . Recently played Farm Aid 2007 in New York with Pauline Reese . Mike has a new band with Allison Williams called Diminished 7 .

Honorable Mention – Drummers , Bassists and others
Our Honorable Members , who play with us sometimes live , and in the studio .

Billy Young : Keyboards and Vocals . Billy is a powerhouse of a musician , and a fine singer. An accomplished keyboard player on Piano and Organ , and one of the most powerful , Soulful vocals that we have ever heard .

Joel Duhon : He can be found on our 2004 release ” Straight ahead Human ” on ‘ Salome Sunrises’. Sponsored by Trick Drums and currently with the Beth Lee band . A competent drummer .

Carey Blackmon (or Blackman) Drums . From Lousiana . Plays with the 590 All Stars and with Pierre who used to have the Zydeco Dots . We’ve played together twice so far , and a gig with ” Kingfish” always means a fun , limitless repertoire . We never worry when Carey sits in with us , who needs a songlist ? It’s just no problem . John Peyton : Harmonica . Known for his acrobatic style harp ; always a treat . He gigs with a few national acts at places like B.B. King’s Club in Los Angeles , and sessions for artists like Delaney Bramlett . And yes , he’s David’s brother . He’s made a new movie with Chris Jagger and David Dickenson called “I got the Blues in Austin” . Monte Mann : Hasn’t played with the band yet , but will . Mark Campbell has duo-ed with him and his guitar playing is phenomenal .Great singing . He is featured in international Beatle Tribute band ; “Yesterdays” .

Tabber Millard ( of Dreamtrybe ) is featured on Straight ahead Human on ” Mutual Destruction ” and the title track, which opens the album . This guy amazed all of us from moment one . I think he was 19 when we did this . Ginger Doss : Keyboards and Vocals . Amazing musician and writer who also recorded the album for us . She plays piano and sings all over the 2004 CD. One of the founding members of Dreamtrybe , Velvet Hammer and GBMojo , is now solo and touring the country living the gypsy life. Alex Hernandez , Saxophone : Our saxman of choice . A native of Austin’s Jumpstart . Also works with Mark Campbell as a duo , a real treat when our schedules coincide .Now a san Antonio resident. Bruce Salmon , brother of our own Mark Salmon , recently at the keyboards for Alejandro Escovedo , has shared our stage for some of the finest classic rock jamming that we can remember , as Bassist .

Jeff Zwernermann , Bass : In one of the band’s finest early incarnations , we experienced Hurricane Alicia ,standing ground with original music , and a place in the Houston rock scene .

Randall Wyatt , Drums : Having been exclusively a jazz drummer prior to joining the band ( with Jeff Zwernermann ) , we enjoyed his unique approaches to the original songs which were fresh and atypical . I swear he was playing with four sticks ; literally , with two sticks in each hand . He was a jazz drummer before he joined us , and had never played rock , just Jazz , Blues and drum corps , which he wrote a book on . Cousin of Sheryl Crow .

Roy Fletcher , Guitar : A few years later , Roy joined the band for the as yet only double guitar duo . He more recently enjoyed success with Dallas band The Kildares . Also duo-ed with Mark Campbell .

James Bryant , Bass : With the same version of the band as Roy and Billy , James brought a solid round tone that enabled us to get on with the business of halcyonic riffing . Memorable musicality with true feel and sense of his instrument .

Billy Boyden , drums : What can we say about Billy other than we still miss him ? When we were on stage together , we were all the bands that we played covers of . I speak for Roy and James on that . Like a ‘big friendly dog’ he was , and I say that with much love and respect .

Richard Cole ; Bass . He played bass on our 1989 release ” Soulshaker ” , and must have gigged with us , although Jeff Zwernermann came back on board around that time . Rich and I played together in Leon Mitcheson’s Eastex Freeway Band .

Jeff Siebert . A part of the band’s history , is history once again .

Keith McCullough – Bass : He has recorded with Carl Perkins , John Fogerty , and Paul Simon ( all in the same week ). His bass playing is really authentic and seasoned . We appreciate his past with us . Coy Fuller – Drums . On our 2004 release ” Straight Ahead Human ” on ‘ Rainy Nights ‘ and ‘ The devil you Say’. Frank Fayad ( Bass) from Albert Lee and Love . Frank’s tenure with us was short .

Kim Hayley. Bass .

……………………………………………………. Quotes I never wrote :” We’ve had a few guest players , others who were just players , and if we’ve forgotten anyone , it was for the purpose of general well being . ”

Welcome to the Home of Austin Texas’ Rock and Roll Soul ~ .

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We’ve been called ” The Sons of Arena Rock” , which is an accurate description . An unmistakeable energy that waltzes into your ears and bounces out of your feet . Bringing Classic Rock to life . We have our Blues sets with which we close the gap on vibrational blueness .

Book us for your party , Festival , Bar , Restaurant , Biker Rally ,Concert series ,wedding ; we play them all .

Diversity is our mark. This band’s show is pure love of the music .

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