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1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Spiders & Snakes P.O. Box 6245 Beverly Hills 90212 310-274-4050 “Oddities & Glitter Years,” on Sansei Records

Lizzie Grey – Lead vocals, guitars
Timothy Jay – Drums, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Phil St. Vincent – Bass, vocals
Chris Sheridan – Guitars

The recent resurgence of 80’s era styled hard rock owes a bit of debt to Los Angeles cult heroes Spiders & Snakes. The over the top glam band formed by singer / guitarist Lizzie Grey (formerly of Ultrapop and London) and drummer Timothy Jay (also a former member of Ultrapop and London) in the early 90’s has remained a constant dynamic entity in the international music market and has been cited by several European bands as an inspiration and influence.
Spiders & Snakes’ first release, Arachnomania (1991) would be distributed by RED, and the band enjoyed a brief flirtation with MTV success, the band would spend that next decade and a half enjoying great underground success worldwide and releasing a string of critically acclaimed independent releases including 1993’s Retro 2000, London Daze, and Hollywood Ghosts.
Now with a host of recent high-profile appearances including a strong presence in the Cleopatra Records issued Hollywood Rocks Book and Box Set, as well as VH1’s “Driven: Motley Crue”, and the upcoming Prism Films Guns N’ Roses documentary, S&S is poised to release their finest world to date.
S&S Live“We are extremely proud to be affiliated with a band like Spiders & Snakes. Lizzie Grey is one of the true unsung Godfathers of Modern Hard Rock, and an incredible talent, as well as a true inspiration as one of those rare people who TRULY makes music because he loves to.” said Corporate Punishment Records President Thom Hazaert. “And while it’s a little left field of the usual CPR release(s), S&S has made a 15 year career out of releasing brilliant, pure records, solely for the love of their craft, and it’s definitely an honor to be a part of that.”
The twelve tracks offered up on Melodrama highlight the band’s affinity for 70’s glam rock indulgence and their knack for writing hooks as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. Featuring a stunning cover of the Bay City Rollers’ classic “Yesterday’s Hero” (sung by drummer Timothy Jay), and highlighting Sluggo (of Oingo Boingo fame) on a terrific saxophone solo, ‘Melodrama’ also sees Spiders & Snakes covering themselves with “Fear Of Flying” which originally appeared on the band’s 1992 release ‘Arachno II’, with rewritten lyrics by Spiders & Snakes co-founder Jay. The band has written a wealth of material for the new album, including tracks such as the Cheap Trick inspired “Shoot Me Down” (written and sung by bassist Phil St. Vincent), the in your face hard rocker “Kicks”, and the melancholic ballad, “Another Lonely Day.”
Producer/engineer Gavin Ross (Traci Guns/LA Guns, Angelo Moore/Fishbone) and the band wantedS&S Live to create an album on an independent budget in the spirit of Bob Ezrin’s earlier efforts with KISS and Alice Cooper, effectively mixing heavy rock and powerful ballads to create a more theatrical sounding release. Hence the album’s name Melodrama.
Having previously worked with Gavin on 2005’s Hollywood Ghosts, the band was even more comfortable this time around, and took full advantage of Steady Studios recent new technology not available during the Hollywood Ghosts sessions.
It’s also notable that the album Melodrama is the first release in the band’s 15+ year history that features performances by 3 different lead vocalists on the same album, and their first album working with new bassist Phil St. Vincent. The result is a richer, more vibrant pure rock recording screaming to be turned up!
S&S LiveSpiders & Snakes honed the new album’s songs over a year and a half of slamming the local club circuit again, this time as a 3 piece band, with all the band members taking turns singing lead vocals on a couple of songs. If the new lean and mean power-trio appeal that Spiders & Snakes have been having in their hometown of Hollywood, California is any indication of their new songs potential, then the rest of the U.S. is definitely in for a treat.
With a new global distribution agreement thru Koch Entertainment the band is excited to bring Melodrama to the road to their fans in person in 2007 and 2008.