Live Performance

1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Spindle is an alternative rock band originally from Maui, Hawaii, now in Bellingham, Washington. Band members are Gina Wong (vocals, piano, guitar, synths), Amber Blahnik (drums, percussion) and Tammy Lee (bass, vocals).

Gina Wong began playing music as Spindle in 1997, with the aspiration of forming an all-female rock band. In 1999, Amber Blahnik joined and Spindle officially became a band. Tammy Lee joined the line-up in 2006. Spindle has since been making headway in the underground, independent music scene.

Spindle is known for their unique sound which intertwines multiple genres; from alternative rock to trip hop, electronica to carny music, with a dark and atmospheric edge.

2006 saw the release of Spindle’s 5 track EP, “hell hath no fury…” on Spindle Records.

This EP includes five of the band’s original songs, including “Sand & Stories”, “Whelm” and “Carousel”. The band also has one promotional disc titled “Weeds and Infidelities,” which features covers of the Smashing Pumpkins songs “X.Y.U.” and “Blue Skies Bring Tears,” as well as an original song titled “Silly Billy.”