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2013 Sponsor – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Dedicated to the broad spectrum of rock and roll that includes alt-rock, power pop, glam rockand melodic punk, SpyderPop Records releases music in both digital and vinyl formats. In addition to promoting label artists, SpyderPop is committed to enhancing and furthering the appreciation of all the genres mentioned above.

What is Alt-Rock?
Alternative rock (also called alternative music, alt-rock or simply alternative) is a genre of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s and became widely popular by the 1990s. In this instance, the word “alternative” refers to the genre’s distinction from mainstreamrock music, expressed primarily in a distorted guitar sound, subversive and/or transgressive lyrics and generally a nonchalant, defiant attitude. The term’s original meaning was broader, referring to a generation of musicians unified by their collective debt to either the musical style, or simply the independent, D.I.Y. ethos of punk rock, which in the late 1970s laid the groundwork for alternative music. (Wikipedia)

What is Power Pop?
It is a popular musical genre that draws its inspiration from 1960’s British and American pop and rock music. It typically incorporates a combination of musical devices such as strong melodies, clear vocals and crisp vocal harmonies, economical arrangements and prominent guitar riffs. Instrumental solos are usually kept to a minimum, and blues elements are largely downplayed.
Recordings tend to display production values that lean toward compression and a forceful drum beat. Instruments usually include one or more electric guitars, an electric bass guitar, a drum kit and sometimes electric keyboards or synthesizers. (Wikipedia)

What is Glam Rock?
Glam rock (also known as glitter rock) is a style of rock and pop music that developed in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, which was performed by singers and musicians who wore outrageous clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, particularly platform-soled boots and glitter. Glam rock peaked during the mid-1970s with artists including T. Rex, David Bowie, Sweet, Roxy Music and Gary Glitter in the UK, and the Alice Cooper group, New York Dolls, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop in the US. It declined after the mid-1970s, but had a major influence on other genres including punk. (Wikipedia)

What is a Spyder?
It is the little thingy you put in a 7″ 45 RPM single to convert the big hole to one you can use on a turntable with a standard spindle. (Victionary)