Stacey Stitch

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

I’m Stacey, I live in Manchester with my husband Timothy and I love to sew.

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I should start off by saying I was at one time a burlesque performer (2008 -2013). I began to sew little bits and bobs for costume pieces when I started performing burlesque in 2008. If you want to have big sparkly costumes for a smaller price than Dita Von Teese then making your own or customising pieces is the only way to go. I drafted patterns for bits and bobs but really it was stumbling about in the dark.
What I really wanted to do more than anything was make my own clothes. I very much love vintage but I very much can’t afford to buy the pieces I love with the huge price tags. So why not make my own? I thought. Armed with my Nana’s 50s Singer 328K and vintage pattern purchased I was ready to get on with making my first item.
I ran into trouble almost straight away and learnt 2 things:
Sewing to a complete novice is daunting; looking at a pattern when you’ve never seen one before is incredibly off putting.
Vintage sewing machines are beautiful but they’re not up to the task. My Singer is a beauty of a machine but was temperamental and fidgety at times.
So to remedy at least the first point I went off and booked a two day course to make a shift dress. It was the best decision I ever made. We made a pattern from a block tailored to our shape and then made a simple dress from start to finish. I was pleased to find out that sewing came quite naturally to me. It taught me the basics of machine sewing, how to read a pattern and what the hell interfacing was.
Then thanks to my lovely folks I upgraded my machine to a Brother LX17 (as a birthday present) and I was off to a flying start.

My mission is straight forward: make sewing simple.
I found that being a dyslexic seamstress means it is quite difficult for me to understand instructions and it’s easy for me to become confused and at times frustrated.
I aim to help others in a similar position and show you don’t have to be put off by long paragraphs and lengthy explanations.
I don’t pretend to know everything about sewing but I hope that what I write is interesting, helpful or at least entertaining
In my blog you can find:
Items I have made for myself and others
Struggles I have found the solutions to
Reviews of places I have visited and books I’ve read
I’ve found the online sewing community very welcoming and it really has given me a boost to know that there is a group of likeminded sewing folk out there willing to help me with anything I might need, helping me to become better at sewing and it turn helping those who may be starting out as I was.

I have always loved crafts, mainly stitching. One of my first memories is being shown how to cross stitch in infant school, where I made a colourful butterfly to give to my Nana, who I lived with at the time.
My Nana taught me how to embroider and I spent many a summer’s evening in their caravan sewing Victorian ladies and flowers onto tea towels as gifts. It’s something I’ve done throughout my life, I don’t think there’s anything better than picking up a needle and thread and making something beautiful from scratch.