Stefano Gargiulo

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2014 Recipient – Instrumental Album of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards “Netherworld”

Stefano Gargiulo (Naples, 17 March 1981) Italian composer and self-taught musician.
Growing up in the neighborhoods of Naples discovers Mature passion for music. End to 90 years’ waiting for a bus runs into an old friend, who shows him his new musical instrument, “electric guitar”, remaining fascinated he decides to buy a low-cost, advancing with all of himself in the music.
And ‘so that, after a few lucky encounters, it engages in Grunge and Rock in years 60′-70′, playing covers of Nirvana and The Doors, Jeff Buckley, before moving to the musicality of Rhapsody and Stratovarius, poring over notes Steve Vai.
Born, later, the cover band Dream Theater “empyema”, whose moderate success acquires regional importance. The years led him to further steps in the path of musical experimentation, where all contribute to the experience, everything is cultural, with a well thought out musical imprinting.
Following the meeting with the Ethnic Folk-of Eugene Jackson and the NCCP is a further step towards new experiences that give life to the group “resonances”, with the production of unpublished writings by him, in style Folk-Rock, accompanied by acoustic guitars , classical, electric, wind instruments and arc, achieving some success in music contest.
His passion for music, ever-growing, fed in him a sensitivity to the work of some Hollywood composers like Danny Elfman, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, and other esteemed authors, not neglecting absolutely the pioneers of the “classic” model, as the great geniuses Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi.
From there, a long way to learn to play as a self-taught instruments of all kinds, Glockenspiel, Flute, Bass, Percussion, Violin, Mandolin, Guitar Swing, Piano, Ukelele, Classical & Acoustic Guitar, Midi Keyboard, Synth etc.
From this sensitivity it follows the decision to leave the band that so far they had accompanied the route, to engage with the world of soundtracks.
It all began in December 2011. And ‘only in the third quarter of 2012 began to study music with Maestro Giovanni Dell’Aversana.