Steve Sulikowski (The Jewel Thieves)

Nominated for male vocalist of the year 8th Annual LA Music Awards

STEVE SULIKOWSKI – Lead Vocals, Guitar
ERIC HOULIHAN – Bass, Vocals
CHAD NORRIS – Drums, Vocals
JON BERRY – Guitar, Vocals

The Jewel Thieves are an L.A. based modern rock band. Actually, they are more of a pop band, but they really shouldn’t be classified. Listen to their many styles and you will see why. From the darker side, in songs such as “Science Fiction” and “What Is Personal”, to the pop side of songs such as “Hello” and “She’s Waiting”, the Jewel Thieves sound is diverse, yet cohesive.

Though based in Los Angeles, each of the Jewel Thieves are from somewhere else. Steve and Eric are both from Massachusetts, Jon is from Chicago, and Chad is from New Jersey. They have been together in this formation for a little over a year.

Within that year, the Jewel Thieves caught the attention of producer Eddie Kramer (most known for his work with Jimi Hendrix, amongst many others), and recorded three songs with him. They currently have a production agreement with Remark Music, and are currently showcasing for record labels.

With one listening, you can see that the Jewel Thieves are about songs. Memorable songs.

As always, we’d really appreciate hearing what you think of our music. Feel free to let us know.

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