Stone Poets

Live Performance

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Stone Poets – “candlelight minstrels”…

Hard Folk Noir.

Intense. Riveting. Unforgettable.

Mix 3 parts lead vocals with 2 parts acoustic guitars and 1 part keyboard with a dash of mandolin and melodica… stir… add attitude… enjoy.

Out of Abandon Paris (rock/reggae) and The Jardines (roots-country/pop), Stone Poets emerge with a blend of raw folk, darker and edgier than expected.

Marc Gladstone, Scott Jackson and Cherelle Jardine.

Collectively they are Stone Poets…

What began as a single songwriting session to write one song, developed into a weekly gathering of creative minds and a virtual song factory. Stone Poets have been described as “hard folk noir”… folk perhaps, because of the instrumentation: keyboard, two acoustic guitars and rich, harmony laden vocals… dark perhaps, as the subject matter in their songs ventures into dangerous waters sometimes…

“Trippin’ on Daisies”, their 1st studio release was recorded at The Factory, in Vancouver BC with Sheldon Zaharko. (2011)

“Angels and Devils”, their newest release, offers more of their dark, hard folk music and thought provoking lyrics. Delving further into the realms of adultery, relationship breakdown and abuse while at the same time exploring unity and presenting brother/sisterhood as the answer to global unrest.

These candlelight minstrels are perfect for an evening of wine and reflection. Just as at home in large theatre settings or private house concerts, Stone Poets entertain with their stories, while their music brings both tears and smiles, sweet sadness and hope.

Marc Gladstone – He started playing piano at 7 years old, winning many awards and competitions by age 20. A former member of Doug and the Slugs; Nick Gilder and Sweeney Todd; he now plays with Prism, Abandon Paris (with Scott Jackson) and the Jardines (with Cherelle Jardine).

Scott Jackson – With his background in English Literature, specifically in Elizabethan poetry, the quality of his lyrics shouldn’t surprise… and they do. Scott has 2 CDs under his own name and has received extensive radio play across Canada and the USA. He is also the lead vocalist with Abandon Paris.

Cherelle Jardine – She’s been writing and recording since 1995 and has produced 5 CDs in that period. Winner of the “Ethel Tibbets” award (woman of distinction) for her continued work in the Arts and a Richmond Art award for Cultural Leadership. She’s the founder and leader of The Jardines – a country/pop group recently releasing their 2nd cd.