Red Carpet Interview

Stukface is a Northern California based four piece that combines dynamiclly infectious choruses & hard-hitting rhythms to create a sound that is both distinctive and unique. The band was formed back in January of 2002 and within a short period of time the band has turned many heads and captured the attention of countless listeners.

Stukface has shared the stage with major acts such as Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Nonpoint, Revelation Theory, Die Trying, and Bionic Jive.

Stukface headlined the 2004 California Music Awards Emerging Artists Showcase.

Stukface has been nominated for the 2006 LA Music Awards. The song “Chance” was nominated for Heavy Alternative Single of the Year.

This is a group that has opened the door to a new approach with creative energy and new ideas, this the band to look out for in 2006!