Super Fly Connection

1996 Performer – 6th annual LA Music Awards

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Michael S. Best Bassist 6th annual la music awards

SuperFly Connection

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Based in: Los Angeles, CA
CONGRATULATIONS!!! SuperFly Connection won the award for best band at the L.A. Music Awards this year!! And extra congrats to Michael Sattin who won for best bass player! Way to go,Mike! And best of luck to you, Kevin, in finishing your cigar. They were the second band to play at the award show, but they were, by far, the most energetic and entertaining band there. Keep scrolling down the page for information on their next gig.
Band Biography:

The SuperFly Connection first came together in June of 1993. Founding member Christen, after having the idea while watching a marching band at a local amusement park, shared his vision with his brothers Michael and Matthew, who were with him at the time. Together they were consumed by the idea. After sometime had passed, Christen called together 7 excellent musicians/friends to jam for an afternoon of rhythms within the Funk realm. 6 of those initial 7 were available to play…so they did! And lo and behold, the SuperFly Connection was set forth into reality!

CDs and OtherMerchandise:

The SuperFly Connection – CD
SFC (MVCD-76893-2)
Released February 16, 1995
Produced by Martin Vites, Christen and the SuperFly Connection
“Fresh New Sound!”

“These guys are HOT!”

“It’s about time something NEW and ORIGINAL came along.”

“They’re sort of like Earth Wind and Fire but with a Reggae edge.”


Even though that last one was somewhat out there, these are all legitimate quotes from fans, old and new, of one of the newest, hottest, grooviest bands to come out of L.A. in years! This is not hype! This is fact! The SuperFly Connection (not a reggae band) is the name of this 7 members strong powerhouse of musical blends. After playing together for only a short while, these guys know what it means to “rock the house!” With their first release on the MVC Music label entitled “SFC”, theSuperFly Connectionarealready kicking open the never seen before and never heard from doors of their Cross-Pulse Funk Sound. Blending their 7 personalities with their 7 styles and attitudes, these guys paint a different picture of what it means to be a part of the Generation X clan. Slackers they are not! Whiners they are not! Excellent songwriters, musicians and friends they are – to say the least. Their sound is FUNKY, with a heart that beats a Cross-Pulse of Rock, Jazz, Latin flavor, Rap and simply good-time rhythms. A must hear. A must have. Don’t take our word for it… Listen for yourself and enjoy!


Superfly (Fly Unknown)
Cashflow (D. Jenkins, M. Sattin, Christen)
Rug Out (M. Kopelow, M. Vites, M. Sattin, Christen)
Only If You Wanna (Christen)
Foxxy Momma (M. Sattin, D. Jenkins, Christen)
Girl School (M. Vites, M. Sattin, M.Kopelow)
Magic (M. Sandstrom,Christen)
S.B.D.B.D. (Came Looking 4U) (M. Sandstrom)
Insane (M. Kopelow, D. Jenkins)
Crazy Thing Called Funk (Christen)
Superfly (Same Unknown Fly)
CDs are available for purchase at all SuperFly Connection shows for $10, along with hats, t-shirts and stickers.
Upcoming Gigs:

Date Venue
March TBA
April TBA

The band has recently been working on some new songs that we’ll all get to hear at their next gig. Hope to see you all there!

Band Members:

Mark Sandstrom: Keyboards/Rhythm Guitar/Poet/BKV Vocals
Mark has a background in Stage Theatre. Born in Washington State, he moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. He later became friends with Christen. A short while after that, he became a member of the band. His influences include Peter G., Pink Floyd and Genesis. Mark is one of the band’s songwriters.
MartyVites: Lead & Rhythm Guitar/BKV Vocals
Marty started his life in guitar playing when he was in his early teens. He studied many of the styles associated with guitar playing. Listening and mimicking such guitar greats as Yngwie and pop rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen, and studying the classical styles, Marty later became the Six String Power House that he is today, offering choices of melodic riffs to screaming solos to the musical works he is a part of. Marty is one of the band’s main songwriters.

MichaelKopelow: Drums/Lead & BKV Vocals/Keyboards
Michael has been playing drums since just before entering the world of teenagers. He has also establisheda small notch for himselfin the field of acting. He has been featured in a number of films and T.V. shows such as “Point Break”, “People Under the Stairs”, “Chicago Hope” and “South Central” to name a few. He has also starred in a film entitled “The Stoned Age”. Matthew, Michael and Christen are brothers. Michael is one of the band’s songwriters.

Michael Sattin: Bass/Fretless Bass/Rhythm Guitar
Born in Cleveland and raised in Indiana, Michael moved to L.A. to pursue a career in music. Because of his wide range of musical tastes, Michael has quite a unique style and sound to his bass playing. He was influenced by bands like Rush, the Who and Fishbone, just to name a few. He is definitely destined to be imitated by young players to come. Michael is one ofthe band’s main songwriters.

Matthew Kopelow: Timbales/Bongos/Percussion/BKV Vocals
Joining the band at 19 years of age(he’s now 21 – Happy BirthdayMatt), Matthew is definitely the baby of the band. Spending most of his yonger life listening to his brother Michael playing drums, guitar and piano, it was inevitable for Matthew to somehow find himself involved in the music scenesomewhere. First starting out playing the piano and the clarinet, Matthew later found himself consumed by the power of Latin, Afro-Cuban/Brazilian music and rhythms thanks to his older brother Christen. With a little help from his brothers, and countless hours of devoted practicing, Matthew carved a place for himself in the World of Percussion.

Kevin Thomas: Drums/Percussion
Kevin is the newest member of the band. (I don’t have his bio information yet, but I can tell you he wears cool hats.)

Christen: Lead Vocals/Congas/Timbales/Percussion/Bass/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Djembe/BKV Vocals
Born in Massachusettsand raised in California, Christenhas been playing instruments of one type or another since he was a child. Never being content with playing just one instrument, his musical cravings forced him to indulge himself on as many different aspects of instrumentationas he could. Leading the SuperFly Connection, Christen is one of the band’s main songwriters and arranger. He also maintains the vision that first brought these seven wonders together.

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