Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Swag Wins L.A. Music Award in “Outstanding Music Video” Category
11/21/00: Swag is honored to share this award with Director Matthew Cooke, and the entire cast and crew. Thanks also to Brent Harvey and Al Bowman of the L.A. Music Awards. Congratulations to the other nominees and especially to Carbon 9, who took home the award for “Outstanding Modern Rock Artist”, our other nominated category.

Swag Receives 2 L.A. Music Award Nominations
11/1/00: Swag is extremely pleased to announce that the band has been nominated for two Los Angeles Music Awards in 2000. One nomination in the “Outstanding Modern Rock Artist” category, and another in the “Outstanding Music Video” category. We would like to extend our congratulations to all the other extremely talented and worthy nominees. The awards ceremony will take place at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA on 11/21. I can’t wait to see Jon drive up to the valet with that ridiculous NASCAR sticker on the back of his truck!

UPN Network’s “Crank It Up” to World Premier “It’s Not Me” Video Nationwide
10/26/00: The “It’s Not Me” video will make its national television debut on UPN’s “Crank It Up” in December 2000. Papa Roach will be featured in the same episode, which is still in post-production. We’ll post the airing date and time right here in Swagnewz as soon as we get that info.

Music Video Completed…Release Party a Smash
10/25/00: Swag held the release party for the “It’s Not Me” video on 10/24 at the Hollywood Gig, a great L.A.club. This was a celebration of the amazing job that Director Matt Cooke, along with the entire cast and crew, did on this video. In short: the video rocks, and Swag rocked the Gig!

Swag Enters the Studio
9/9/00: Sessions commenced this weekend for Swag’s next CD release at the legendary A&M Recording Studio in Hollywood. The band began work once again under the watchful eyes and ears of producer Dave Reed, who’s become pretty much the 5th member of the band. An amazing positive force. The group is very excited about this project and is looking forward to capturing it’s finest material to date.

“It’s Not Me” Video Shoot Begins
8/1/00: With Director Matt Cooke at the helm, Swag started shooting their first music video this week, for the song “It’s Not Me”. This will be an elaborate concept video involving 7-10 actors and actresses, in addition to the band. This looks like it’s going to be pretty damn fat! It’s been a blast so far. The crew didn’t like Jamie dropping beer bottles on the power strips, though. Who’d a thunk it? The video will also mark the acting debuts of the band members. This could be funny. Just think‚Ķany one of us could be the next Bob Denver.

Swag Licenses music to MTV
7/1/00: Swag has given permission to MTV “Undressed” music coordinator Melinda Gedman to use some of the band’s material on upcoming episodes of the popular new series. The song, “Worst Of It”, will appear on the show on Monday, 7/17/00. We thank Melinda for this opportunity, and her interest in the music.