Sylvain White

Highlight Reel

Nominated for best music video 9th annual LA Music Awards

Song: “Verbally Disturbed” Artist: Sekou (Tha Misfit)

Son of an American professional basketball player and a French flight attendant, Sylvain White was born in France and grew up in Paris. After attending La Sorbonne University for law, he earned a scholarship to Pomona College in Los Angeles, Upon graduation a series of award-winning short films led him to direct a series of groundbreaking music videos and commercials in the US, Europe and Japan.

Sylvain opened his first theatrical feature Stomp the Yard at number one in the US. He went on to direct the explosive action comedy The Losers starring Chris Evans, Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana. He then went back to his native Paris to write and direct the acclaimed murder mystery La Marque Des Anges starring GĂ©rard Depardieu.

Sylvain also directs numerous television episodes such as CSI, Hawaii 5-0 and Covert Affairs.

He is currently packaging, writing and developing several feature film projects