TA$K1 is one of Indian Country’s fastest rising stars. From the tundra of Wyoming, this crossover artist is breaking new ground with his unique brew of urban Hip-Hop. His melodic hooks and old-school sensibilities get the party started, and it don’t stop. TA$K1 recently signed with Only The Brave Recordings & Entertainment and is licensed through Artisthead.com.

The ARTISTHEAD LICENSING LIBRARY Welcomes TA$K1. License his special brand of explicit Hip-Hop for your film or series. If you just want to put some hot new grooves in your personal listening library purchase any of TA$K1’s tracks for .99 cents. They will blow your mind!

Official Website

For information and bookings:
Belinda Corcovelos
(951) 566-7501, (928) 284-4736