Tamie Sheffield

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Presenter at the 13th Annual LA Music Awards

Tamie Sheffield (born July 27, 1974) is an American film actress, model and a former professional wrestler.
Tamie Sheffield graduated cum laude from West Chester University with a degree in Elementary Education. She was a cheerleader from junior high through college. Sheffield gave campus tours and was in the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority.

She wrestled as Sandy in a Women of Wrestling tag team called The Beach Patrol with Bobbi Billard as “Summer” in 2000 and 2001. The gimmick was a takeoff of the Baywatch lifeguards.

Sheffield started her acting career in 1999 in the movie Wildflower and appeared in Slammed, Cheerleader Massacre, The Deviants, and Black Tie Nights. She also hosted two Lingerie Bowls. Sheffield appeared on and won NBC’s Fear Factor television show in 2003.

In wrestling
Signature moves
Sunset flip
With Summer
Wishbone split (Each wrestler grabbed one of the opponent’s legs and pulled them apart)