Teri “Lyric” Green

Highlight Reel

2013 Honorable Mention – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Hip hop artist Teri “Lyric” Green, fourth runner up in YOBI.tv and MySpace first ever “Take the Stage” competition, is as unique as they come. Asked to describe herself, Lyric might say “I am the voice of the unheard that refuses to be silent; I am the strength for the weak who has no clue how to fight back; I am softly crafted words formulated together creating Lyric.” It is not a surprise that she counts such strong trailblazing women as Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, India Arie and Lauren Hill among her lyrical inspirations.
Lyric went from orphan to engineer, becoming emancipated from Jane Adams Hull House in the suburbs of her native Chicago, Illinois at the age of 21. Deciding to overcome the unfortunate hand she had been dealt, Lyric gained her education in technology and engineering and established a career as a computer programmer/broadcast engineer while continuing to pursue her love of music. Her technical knowledge allows her to produce her own music, resulting in a signature sound that is uniquely her own.​​

Lyric performs spoken-word hip-hop and neo soul. In 2011 her original song, “Can’t Back Down”, was nominated for song of the year at New York City’s Underground Music Awards. She was chosen as one of the finalists for the Coors Light Sponsored, “Looking for the Coldest” MC competition where her song, “Cold as Ice” was promoted and downloaded over 22,500 times. Lyric’s song “Death of a Poet” was also nominated for Song of the Year at the 2011 Music in Media Awards in Hollywood, California. She recently challenged herself to perform on fifty mics in sixty days, a feat that took her across the United States and even to Jamaica.