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Sponsor of the┬áLA Music Awards – 2007 Hollywood FAME Awards

Designed for the film, broadcast, advertising, music and multi-media industries, The Audio Suite is dedicated to providing creative professionals with high quality services and cost-effective solutions to meet their continuously evolving post-production needs. Whether it’s VO recording, original music production, sound design or mixing in 5.1 Dolby surround, our goal is the same… to get you to the finish line on time and on budget!

So when you are ready to take your production to the next level, give us a call or come on by for a first hand look, to see just how The Audio Suite can be “Your Partner In The Creative Process”
Recent News

Since opening our doors in 2006, The Audio Suite continues to increase and diversify its customer base in the Phoenix, Austin and Los Angeles markets. In addition to providing complete sound editorial services for a variety of film and television projects, we’re doing more and more sound design work for corporate marketing videos and commercials that utilize animation, visual effects and motion graphic design.

“Corporations, web-designers, animators and multi-media producers alike, are more aware than ever of the impact their video presentations can have on a target audience and their business. Creative sound design, along with the right music in most cases, helps keep the viewer more engaged and entertained, thereby increasing the odds of the original production goals being realized. This can provide obvious benefits in today’s competitive market. As the desire for these services increase, we are completely setup and ready to implement these creative services into their workflow”
Steve Harrison – Owner/Chief Engineer