The Genius Club

Highlight Reel

Sponsor of the┬áLA Music Awards – 2007 Hollywood FAME Awards

On Christmas Eve, Armand (Tom Sizemore), a terrorist who has a hidden nuclear device in Washington D.C., forces the president of the United States government (Jack Scalia) to round up seven geniuses with IQs over 200. The group consists of a casino owner (Carol Abney), a biochemist (Paula Jai Parker), a pro-baseball player (Matt Medrano), a seminary student, a professor, a painter (Tricia Helfer), and a pizza delivery guy (Stephen Baldwin). The government is to place them in a bomb shelter and explain to the group that they are to solve the world’s problems in one night; if they fail, the terrorist will detonate the hidden nuclear device planted in the basement of the ‘genius lair’.