The Jet Age Hoods

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

Featured at 8th annual LA Music Awards

Danny Blitz and the Jet Age Hoods

Rockabilly guitarist Danny Blitz started kicking around Los Angeles in the late 90’s, spreading his brand of high-energy rock guitar to the Southern California area. Born in Houston, Blitz traveled around the country with little more than a love of Buddy Holly and a guitar for a good part of his youth. Once he landed in L.A., the musician earned a spot on the Sunset Strip with his humorous approach and fiery live performances. Writing the hilarious “If Ozzy Was My Dad” after the success of Ozzy Osbourne’s reality show, it became his ticket to success as Doorslammer Records picked up Blitz and his band for their debut record and MTV licensed the song for the second season of the TV series in 2002.