The Jones Dickens

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2013 Honorable Mention – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Start Date
Started on August 16, 2011
Alternative, Hip-Hop, Electro-Funk
Band Members
Brainchild and Fredy Herrera
Record Label
Short Description
Two-piece alternative electro-funk hip-hop band from Minneapolis.
Long Description

With their debut album, Nine, two-piece band The Jones Dickens captures the energy of their live show, showcasing hard-hitting drum work, a deep bass groove, punchy keyboards, and inspired vocal performances. Band members Brainchild and Fredy Herrera are not only instrumentalists but also vocalists, belting out melodic hooks and hip-hop chants which are sometimes enhanced with robotic and gritty filters. With Nine, The Jones Dickens pulls us in to a funky, futuristic, yet down-to-earth world. It’s a place that you will want to visit over and over again.
The members of this Alternative hip-hop duo have been playing together for over a decade. Barry Rohrer (aka Brainchild) and Frederick N. Gotfredson Herrera (aka Fredy Herrera) met when they played with the Minneapolis hip-hop band Leroy Smokes. The group won a Los Angeles Music Award for Best Rap Album and appeared on Bodog’s Million Dollar Battle of The Bands reality show on FUSE-TV. When The Jones Dickens started out as a basement jam session, the chemistry was undeniable. Soon they had a full set of live songs and a fully produced album to go along with it.
Current Location
Minneapolis, MN
612 636 2782