The Living Rocks

Live Performance

Music Video

Performed at the first LAMA Orange County Showcase 1999

Tony T Nguyen is a multi-instrumentalist. Since the age of 5 years old, he played piano by ear. He can hear a song and learn it within minutes. In Fourth grade through high school he was a part of the Gifted and Talented Education program on violin.  In high school he picked up trumpet, drum set, marching/ concert percussion, french horn, guitar, and electric bass.

In high school, Tony was in orchestra, jazz band, concert band, percussion ensemble, and marching band. Outside of the high school program he was a part of the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra, GATE Orchestra, Christian rock band, youth church choir, and other solo projects.

In college, Tony played french horn in symphonic winds, violin in the orchestra, and drums in percussion ensemble. He was also in the M.A.C.C. Honor group.

On the Rock side of things, Tony was the drummer for The Living Rocks. He was a guitarist for Outta Place. Both bands toured throughout LA and Orange County. A few albums were recorded with both groups. The Living Rocks became Mojo Filson at which Tony was no longer with the band. He did make a cameo on one of the tracks on piano.

Tony has either performed, record, or worked with the following artists:

Ricky Lawson (Michael Jackson, Boys II Men, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, and more)
Clay Cook (John Mayer, Sugarland, Shawn Mullins, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Zac Brown Band)
Justin Lewis (Suburban Legends)
Poreotics (MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champions)
Kristine Sa
AJ Rafael
Connie Lim
Sue Jin Kim
Andrew Figueroa Chiang
Emi Meyer
Jason Chen
Kim Tran
Christine Thuy Huong
Sonia Rao (NBC’s The Voice)
Megan Lee
Giana Nguyen
Jennifer Song (Chung)
Just Kidding Films
Kevin Lien
Dan AKA Dan
Vudoo Soul
Can Nguyen
Josh Hand (NBC’s The Voice)
David Tran Applesauce
Beckie Joon
Jade Le
Baiyu (MTV)
Andrew Garcia (American Idol)
Shin Kawasaki
Lindsey Yung
Ai Cherie
Olivia Thai
Kie Flora Ito
Animasian Crew
Kim Do
Tiffany Alvord
Flying Platforms
Quincy Surasmith
Scott Tang
Jane Lui
Thuy Van Nguyen
Bree Harlow
Kenneth Nowak
Joseph A. Bartell
Brea Olinda High School Jazz Band
Garden Grove High School Jazz Band
Vietnamese American Philharmonic
The Living Rocks
Outta Place
Incognito Drumline
Thuy-Linda Nguyen