The Next Day

Live Performance

Red Carpet Interview

2011 Nominee – Rock Artist of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

The youngest rockers you’ve ever heard are reproducing classic metal sounds. These kids truly represent!

We’ve all heard the same old adage Rock and Roll will never die. These youngsters are living proof of that, not just due to their ages but because of their talent. One of the Alamo City’s youngest rock ‘n’ roll ensembles, The Next Day Rock Band is an independently managed, D.I.Y.(do-it-yourself) band that features five young rockers ranging from ages of 13 to 15. All are trained musicians who also play in various school bands and competitions.

The Next Day astonish audiences at a variety of gigs throughout the city with an arsenal of covers and edgy originals ranging from metal rock to classic and indie rock. These boys have the staying power necessary for today’s world of music. After playing only three years, TND has opened for national acts such as Dokken, Destruction Evolution, SnakeSkin Prison, BlackSmithz, CrimeMind Tribute band to QueensRyche, DeadPool, KISS IT – KISS Tribute band, Nancy Silva Project, Del Castillo, HellStar, to name a few. In addition, they have played well over 200 gigs…and show no signs of stopping. They are growing only stronger, louder, and faster.

TND have also had the opportunity to work with David Banner, a well-known Hollywood Hip-Hop rap artist. The Band has appeared at numerous venues throughout the city and state. They have appeared in various Battle of the Bands competitions, winning all in the top three. The Next Day has also appeared on Kens 5 TV’s morning show- Great Day SA. They have also been interviewed and featured in several local newspapers such as, The Weekender for the San Antonio Express-News daily, La Prensa-The Entertainment, and The Examiner from Houston, Texas. The boys are currently recording their debut CD of their original songs. Be sure to check out their schedule…THE NEXT DAY ROCK BAND will be coming close to you…sooner or later.

“The Next Day’s Opportunities are Limitless so Stayed Tuned!”