The Uninvited

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1996 Outstanding Independent Album

1997 Nominee – Lyrical Content of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards “Artificial Hi”

The Uninvited was a band from Los Angeles in the United States. The band was named, formed and founded in 1988 when brothers John and Steve Taylor teamed up with longtime friend Bill Cory on bass and James “Trainwreck” Robinson on drums. The band then went on to play Hollywood’s legendary local concert venues as they developed their signature sound and style. For the next three years, the band built a strong local following and major music industry buzz as well as critical acclaim in the Los Angeles music press.

However, The Uninvited didn’t really take off until 1991, when Robinson accidentally imploded in an Ego-Vortex and drummer Bruce Logan was added to the lineup. The Band went on to record and release three CDs on their independent Roarshack Records label, and subsequently won MTV’s Beach House Band contest. After solidifying an Alt-Pop style with their 1995 CD “Artificial Hip,” the band moved to the Bay Area of California, started touring nationally and attracted the attention of Atlantic Records. After signing to Atlantic in 1997, they released their self-titled major label debut, “The Uninvited,” which included the singles “What God Said” and the cult classic “Too High for the Supermarket.” The band later split from Atlantic and released two more albums independently before formally disbanding in 2002. They have since continued to re-unite periodically.
Pop This 1992 Half-Baked rereleased on Roarshack
Too High 1994 Half-Baked rereleased on Roarshack
Artificial Hip 23 July 1996 Roarshack
Uninvited 1998 Atlantic
It’s All Good 1999 Roarshack
Malltopia 2001 Roarshack
Other releases
Title Release Label
Share The Brain 1991 Roarshack fan club cassette with James “Big Gulp” Robinson, original drummer.
Successful Vegetarian 1994 Half Baked 7 inch record
Christmas on Death Row 1996 Roarshack fan club cassette
13 Ways to Feel the Love 2000 released online as an MP3 album
While You Were Waiting 2001 released online as MP3 demos for the Malltopia album
Teenage Dance Party 2002 Roarshack a collection of B-Sides and rarities