The Visionaries

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Live Performance

1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards
Founded in 1995
Band Members
Dannu, KeyKool, LMNO, 2Mex, Zen, DJ Rhettmatic
Los Angeles / Orange County / San Diego
Record Label
Up Above Records
Short Description
The Visionaries are a Southern California Hip-Hop band that formed in 1995 and since have toured and amassed a strong underground following worldwide.
Amongst the groups six members (LMNO, 2Mex, Lord Zen, Dannu, KeyKool, & DJ Rhettmatic), the Visionaries have released 4 full-length albums as a group on Up Above Records, Galleries (1997), Sophomore Jinx (2001), and Pangaea (2004), We Are The Ones (we’ve been waiting for), and over twenty solo and side projects.

Touring the U.S., Europe and Japan, Visionaries have gained a reputation for their explosive live show.

Pushing forward independently and spreading universal love through art, the Visionaries are breaking down barriers with their own brand of message music. The group was acknowledged for their positive impact and contribution to hip-hop, and were formally inducted into the Universal Zulu Nation. Their music was also featured on the MTV feature film “Volcano High,” the Warner Brother’s box-office hit “Oceans Twelve,” and one of Midway’s best-selling video games “NFL Blitz.”
Current Location
Los Angeles
Booking Agent
The Visionaries is an underground hip hop crew from Los Angeles, California. The crew formed in 1995, and have since released four full-length albums on Up Above Records. The crew’s six members have collectively released over twenty solo and side projects. They have collaborated and performed with many other hip-hop artists, including Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, De La Soul, Blackalicious, Jean Grae, Psycho Realm, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, and Jurassic 5.
R.ēL.Z.M. aka “Lord Zen”
DJ Rhettmatic
Galleries (Up Above Records; 1998)
Sophomore Jinx (Up Above Records; 2000)
Pangaea (Up Above Records; 2004)
We Are the Ones (We’ve Been Waiting for) (Up Above Records; 2006)
Est 1995 (Mixtape) (2007)
Solo Projects[edit]
2Mex (aka SonGodSuns)
Words Knot Music (2000)
B Boys in Occupied Mexico (2001; re-issue 2005)
Sweat Lodge Infinite (2003)
Self Titled (2004)
(As SonGodSuns) Over the Counter Culture (2005)
My Fanbase Will Destroy You (2010)
Leave My Name Out (2000)
Collision (2003)
Economic Food Chain Music (2004)
This EP Reminds me of ’93 (2004)
P’s & Q’s (2005)
Work Ethic (2007)
Selective Hearing (2008) collaboration with Kev Brown
Let Em Know (2009)
Devilish Dandruff with Holy Shampoo (2009)
Push That Work (2010)
Fonk Garden (2010)
Next in Line (2010)
Selective Hearing Part 2 (2010) collaboration with Kev Brown
Determined to Fly (2010)
Banger Management (2010)
Tripping On This Journey (2010)
Blessing in Disguise (2010) collaboration with KeyKool & 2Mex
No Apologies (2010)
LMNO is Dead (2010)
Born again (2011)
It All Adds Up (2012)
After the Fact (2013)
Preparanoia (2014)
Lord Zen and Dannu (known together as Writer’s Block)
En Route (2001)
Next Stop (2005)
R.ēL.Z.M. aka “Lord Zen”
50.5.10 (2007) with band LVX Collective
Love D’LVX (2009) with band LVX Collective
Wakefull Dead (2007) collaboration with producer DeeSkee
Key Kool & Rhettmatic
Kozmonautz (1995)
DJ Rhettmatic:
Kozmonautz (with Key Kool) (1995)
World Famous Beat Junkies Vol 2. – DJ Rhettmatic (with the Beat Junkies) (1999)
Exclusive Collection (2004)
“Crown Royale” (with Buff1) (2010)
Virgo Summer (2011)