Tom Neely

Highlight Reel

Performed with Bridge of Sighs – 14th annual LA Music Awards 2004 Unanimous Choice Award Recipient – Rock Revival Act of the Year – 14th annual LA Music Awards

2004 Unanimous Choice Award Recipient – Independent Rock Guitarist of the Year – 14th annual LA Music Awards

Stage Manager – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

We are very proud of how “tight” our Join the Band Concerts run. A key to this is the hard work of Tom Neely. Neely has coordinated stage productions in many of the top LA venues including the Henry Fonda and the Kodak theaters. His “just get it done” military attitude helps our shows run smooth. From beginning to end Tom is there to help make sure everything is done and on time.

Backstage you will find Tom busy pep talking the kids, changing broken strings, corralling Band Members on and off the stage, and keeping everyone focused on the show. Many people assume big events like the concerts that Join the Band produces would run late. Quite the contrary. Almost all of our shows have run on time and even early. Tom proudly states that ” It’s always on time or better because I refuse to wear a watch! If you don’t know what time it is then you don’t have time for any problems” Neely is also very proud of the Join the Band kids program and the level the kids operate at. Tom’s motto is very clear: “I prefer to work with professionals, that’s why I work with Join the Band kids……”

Tom’s relationship with Join The Band goes back twenty three years when he started as a guitar student of John Mizenko at the age of 19. His current band, “B.O.S” with Join the Band teacher Trent Stroh originated from the Join the Band program as a Robin Trower “Clone Band” Tom and Trent have also recently released a new CD “Angry Clouds” which was written and produced in the Join the Band studios. Check them out here. Bridge of Sighs

Thanks Tom!