Tomm Lord

1997 Nominee – Drummer/Percussionist of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards “Apocolypso”

Blue Equals Expired is a band from Thousand Oaks, California comprising of piano, sampler, violin, bagpipes, trumpets, guitar, various synths, bass, drums and other shit. The members of Blue Equals Expired are Jon Peloso (16 Volt, Eulogy) , Tomm Lord (Whichway, Apocalypso) and Kevin Driscoll (Bedroom). Their music has been compared to such bands as Mogwai, King Crimson, Neurosis and. Chad Driscoll, a staff writer at described Blue Equals Expired saying, “They create music which is at once tragic and divine”, which explains alot about Jon’s fascination for elephants and mannequins.

Album Notes
Milpas was born in the summer of 2001 in the hills of Thousand Oaks, CA. Beginning as an experiment in Drummer/Lead Vocalist Tomm Lord’s head, it slowly began to develop and take shape. After many transformation and musicians, a final lineup was set. First take the 80’s Van Halen esque guitar style and long-haired antics from guitarist Jon Cunningham (aka Johnny Rawk Star), the 90’s Metallica metal madness and all around good looks of guitarist Mike Cohen (aka Phatz McGee), new millennium Tool brand bass playing with Seventeen year old dreams of rock stardom of bassist Robert Barajas (aka Bubbles), and combine it with twenty years of devotion and love for all types of music, plus side splitting sarcasm from Drummer/Lead Vocalist Tomm Lord (aka Butthole #1), is what makes Milpas one of the most unique, versatile, and entertaining bands of our time.