Tony Boldi

Highlight Reel

Red Carpet Interview

Host¬†–¬†21st Annual LA Music Awards

Tony is the Founder and CEO of Lifeforce Foundations which is a For-Cause Organization focused upon Global and Local Social Concerns.

Tony has received numerous honors and awards such as the Official People’s Mayor of Hollywood and a honorary PhD from his former learning institution.

Tony continues to grow his relationships with his newest position as the West Coast Director of Acquisitions for Blairwood Entertainment and is the Director of Celebrity Memberships with a top PR/events firm called F.A.M.E. located in Hollywood, California.

Tony also owns his own branding company where he continues to take his clients from obscurity to celebrity status.

Tony Boldi and Associates is an acclaimed acting studio (with enrollment of more than 200).

Tony was the stage director for the 34th Key Art Awards at the famous Academy Awards Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Tony started his career in the fine arts as a drummer turned celebrity dj and got his big break while working for Mary Jo Slatter in Casting at MGM.

Tony has performed with countless celebrities and even won the 2002 Armenian Grammy for best music video of the year as well as the 1998 New York Film Festival’s best new film of the year award to name just a few of his accomplishments.

Tony has dealt in everything from financing feature films to directing, writing, producing, editing and selling his projects from start to finish.

Tony is the Co-Host of the LA Music Awards and new Co-Producer of the World Dance Awards and Choreographer’s Carnival as of 2011.

Tony was a candidate for the West Point Academy and received a full ride scholarship to the learning institution of his choice where he chose Western Michigan University where his mother was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Tony’s parents were very successful in politics and music and his brother toured the World as a surf instructor for over a decade.

Tony earned his Black belt at the age of 16 as well as ran the 1999 LA Marathon and finished in the top quarter with an exemplary time.

Tony also just recently finished writing two of his own original screen plays entitled “Humble Pie” and “The Ultimate Chess Move” which are both due out sometime in the near future.