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Nominated for Guitarist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Hang Dog Expression is an El Segundo-based band blending folk, country, southern rock and a touch of delta blues to create a vibrant, easy-listening sound.  They have played in many South Bay venues including Brennan’s Pub, Hermosa Saloon, Saint Rocke, as well as numerous charitable events.    The band formed around Robby Ford’s mandolin and Nich Hulsebus’s inspiring lyrics, soon attracting Neal Von flue’s banjo talent, including a turn on musical saw, Tony Goodreau’s stand-up base, and, adding Brett Hall’s driving lead guitar and Kate Nugent’s haunting vocals, as the final pieces to a casual, backyard band. While they jokingly refers to the band as a “drinking band with a music problem,”  their jamming style has evolved into a finely honed musical ensemble which is launching their new CD, Windmills and Giants, Saturday, Feb. 23, at South Bay Customs, 115 Penn St. El Segundo, CA, at 7:00 pm.  A Hang Dog show promises a lively set involving a palpable comraderie, adroit performances, original material and a rousing good time.

Hangdog (haNGdôg). Adjective. Having a dejected or guilty appearance; shamefaced: the boys wore hangdog looks as the police marched them down the steps.

Hang Dog Expression (haNGdôg Ik-spr-sh-?n). Noun. South Bay folk band blending Americana roots music with mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, standup bass; excellent music: Hang Dog Expression played a lovely performance at South Bay Customs last Saturday night.

Yes, hangdog is an actual expression; and Hang Dog Expression is one of the South Bay’s only folk outfits, blending country and all things Americana. They’re one of the scarce few who take the stage with acoustic instruments, heel tappin’ boots, hand slappin’ hoots, plaid collared shirts, and cowboy hats. And to that, I say, “Folk yeah!”

Hang Dog, an El Segundo-based band, features Nichlaus Von Hulsebus on guitar and vocals; Neal Von Flue on banjo, musical saw, and tenor guitar; Brett Hall on guitar; Tony Goodreau on upright bass fiddle; and Robert Ford on mandolin, harmonica, and banjo.

“We started this whole band because we enjoyed each other’s company,” says Von Hulsebus. “It’s not everyone who knows someone that plays a mandolin, banjo, guitar, or a stand up bass…and who wants to sit around the BBQ and play music.”

Hang Dog is known for their backyard get-togethers, where the coals burn bright, the horseshoes fly crooked, and the music jams endlessly; but they’ve performed various smaller venues throughout the area, including The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach and Brennan’s in Marina Del Rey. Their live gigs aim (and succeed) to deliver the vibrant, personable backyard experience.

“We don’t play out much like regular bands do,” says Von Flue. “We prefer to be invited to barbecues and birthday parties, anywhere there’s a cooler and some finger foods. A regular gig would be awesome…we have vague notions of doing a small West Coast tour on our own, just for fun.”

Von Hulsebus adds that they’ve played, “Too many backyards to count…a bunch of shows for various charities…even some kids’ birthdays, and a somber funeral.”

Hang Dog Expression may not perform at a lot of formal venues, but they’re down to get down wherever the good times seem to be; even if they have to bring it with them. Just last week, after performing Tyler Surfboard’s Christmas party, they found themselves sitting in an El Segundo tavern with their instruments and noticed an empty stage with no band in sight. A few minutes later Hang Dog Expression was playing for beers.