Live Performance

Nominated for outstanding hip hop artist 9th annual LA Music Awards


Trig formerly known as ™ Trigga Man is an East Oakland, CA native currently residing in the warmth and wealth of LAS VEGAS NEVADA. Trig started off playing instruments from drums to keys to whatever else he got his hands on and was considered as one of the best in that area. However, playing instruments wasn’t what he wanted to do at early adolesence so he started Trig Music Entertainment and Production Branching off into Production but still holding on to my musicianship for a couple years until he and Robert Carter co-founded Get Paid Records and took that and music on full time. With all the success he still up up and coming.

While traveling working coast to coast with many artist and producers that are rooted in the industry Trig started realizing not only was he a producer/engineer, he also had what it took to be a lyricist/rapper/artist. Taking on the new challenge in late 2009 Trig has developed his craft and become well seasoned at lyrically murdering a track. While going along in his journey as a seasoned artist he’s gained much attention and buzz in the industry from TImothy “FatherMC” Brown, Universal Music Group, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, Bad Boy, Warner Music Group, DJ Rick Lee, 106KMEL…..etc. The list goes on and on.