Trinity Productions

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Sponsor of the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Services overview:
Live Concert Sound, Lighting and Staging…
•Live Concert Sound Systems, including FOH mix engineers
•Voice Reinforcement Systems
•Public Address & Conference Systems (small to large)
•Custom designed Sound & Lighting systems
•Intelligent Lighting Systems and Stage Lighting
•Sound and Music Playback for Weddings and special events
•Corporate Events Sound and Music Playback
•School Function Sound and Music Playback
•Church Festivals, Indoor or Outdoor Concerts and meetings
•PAR Stage Lighting
•Moving Head Lighting
•Atmospheric effects, fog, haze
•Audio Visual and Projection Systems
•Live Concert Recording

Who we are…

•A company of excellence, value and dedication.
•A provider Sound, Staging and Lighting for small to mid-sized venues, festivals & corporate events
•Now offering powered db Technologies speaker systems, for ease of set up, convenience and quality

Why we do, what we do…
•We love music, we have a passion for excellence and value, we work best with challenges, we enjoy making others look and sound like the professionals they are.
•We were formed out of necessity. Finding a local, value minded Sound, Staging and Lighting company was a challenge, along with the costs involved. Our first venues were at the mercy of City Parks, substandard staging, no lighting, need we say more.
•Afternoon concerts in the parks were how we started. We knew there must be an easier way to accomplish the sound and quality we strive for.
•We offer excellence and a “class of service” to our clients, which for the size of our company is unequaled in value and capability in our local area. We have built upon our commitment to excellence, to achieve where we are today.
•If you are in need of a quality sound company for events from 25 to 2500 or more, look no further.
•If the venue size and requirements are (equipment riders, etc.) out of our realm of equipment and expertise, we will refer you to the guys that provide that level of service, its just that simple, but I doubt you will need to look any further.

John Moore, Owner/Operator
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