Trish McCarty

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Celebrity Recipient – Music in Education Award – 2008 Phoenix Music Awards – 18th Annual LA Music Awards

Trish McCarty is one of the most recognized business women today. And the StarShine Sower brand is acknowledged as the 5-Star Platinum standard around the globe of the very best of K-12 Learning. Her acumen is unrivaled, and the diversity of her interests has set a new paradigm in the world of education, business success and philanthropy. Her commitment to excellence is legendary, and her work as a philanthropist is an integral part of her ethos. She has set a new bar for the archetypal businesswoman, and as an icon Phoenix.
Trish A. McCarty has dedicated her life to learning and modeling from the most successful people in the world. She has studied and advised world leaders and masters and has simplified the core strategies that can be applied immediately to significantly improve the quality of life in body, mind, spirit, health, wealth and happiness. She is an entrepreneur, a leading expert in business, education, marketing and political strategy, advisor, best-selling author, public speaker, and visionary for human growth and potential. Neuroscience combined with practical business success tools is the secret to her accomplishments.
After working in corporate America as an executive strategist with AT&T and Mellon Bank, she formed a bank and won recognition from INC Magazine’s fastest growing companies. She has advised famous authors, politicians, rock stars, sports stars, banking and real estate leaders for over twenty-five years.
In 2002, she established StarShine Academy International charter schools in Phoenix, as a world-class, working, evolving, model for what K-12 students, learning leaders and their families need to learn to become successful. She is a Lincoln Center Fellow for Arizona State University, and has published best-selling books, including The StarShine Effect, explaining how the school evolved, to inspire others to change their lives by learning, modeling and inspiring “Total” success. Other books by Trish include current best sellers; Transform with Brian Tracy, Think & Grow Rich Today!, Totally Rich, Strategic Partnerships in E-Commerce and Just Plane Yoga, Doing It in Tight Places.
She has delivered seminars throughout the world, the largest ever in Liberia, Africa. She is considered one of the top yoga, visualization and meditation teachers in the country, beginning Yoga at age seventeen. Trish is a mother of four and wife of multi-platinum rock star, Steve McCarty performer/ songwriter of the original Steve Miller Band. She recently returned from Rome, Italy as she was invited to meet with Pope St. Francis and other Vatican leaders to establish relationship
Creativity Arises from Structure:
Imagine a large cardboard box (made of recycled materials of course)… and in the box are the finest strategies to learn Math, Science, Art, Language, History, Geography, Music, Literature and Health programs available on earth, also in the box; essential ethical, social skills, financial intelligence, global awareness, service toward others, negotiation skills and how to develop self-respect. All of these elements are prepared for delivery around the world, packaged with the individual learning style of every child in mind and sealed with the power to follow dreams, achieve goals, and master life. This ‘School in a Box’ exists… and was developed with the love, sweat and the determination of Trish McCarty and her team driven with continued dedication to helping all children find their talent and grow into peaceful, productive, and successful individuals. “We wanted to produce a ‘School in a Box’ so Learning Leaders, students and parents could have the tools necessary to be free to Think outside the box.”
As a teenager, combined with her Episcopalian upbringing, McCarty began a devout hobby; a practice of teaching Yoga, health and wellness, sharing with hundreds of her students the importance of balancing Body, Mind and Spirit. Growing up in an Air Force family presented her with international experiences early, having lived in Germany, Japan and the United States. She was taught to appreciate and enjoy differences in people.
Spending two decades as a highly acclaimed financial professional who paved the way for technology use in the banking industry, gave her national attention. But the call for a more altruistic mission in life could not be contained any longer after experiencing the frustration of finding suitable and safe learning establishments for her own children.
In 1999 she was inspired to form Education Resources, a consulting group conglomeration of education experts hired to develop and organize the ever evolving ‘School in a Box’. McCarty added her corporate expertise and integrated entrepreneurship, executive protocol, financial literacy, arts, creative thinking and business etiquette.
In 2002 the goal to open the first ‘School in a Box’ was realized, when the doors to StarShine Academy, her first K-12 charity charter school, were opened. Planting the seed of StarShine Academy in the most crime ridden neighborhood and enrolling the most at-risk children in the city, she demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that this innovative and holistic system of education can work in any culture, in any country, anywhere in the world and extends as far as StarShine Sudan near Darfur, Africa, where the system is literally taught in the dirt to hundreds of refugee children who continue to be nationally recognized for their high academic achievements.
StarShine Academy International Schools has received several awards and recognitions, including being the Honorary Host for the annual Peace Art education project for The United Nations Global Teaching Project. In 2009 StarShine Academy International Schools earned prestigious national and international accreditations, recognizing the most advanced schools in the world from NCA, CITA and AdvancEd. Due to McCarty’s visionary leadership, a new awareness in world education is getting much needed attention.
StarShine Quintessential Institute founded by McCarty in 2008 focuses on research and development, production, and documentation for the network replication of StarShine Schools in order to provide the training necessary for the people, processes and tools that define and improve StarShine . The StarShine Quintessential Institute publishes various educational curriculum and resources and provides classes for certified, professional development and continuing education for Learning Leaders.
Having built several successful companies based on creating long-term relationships with customers, Ms. McCarty continues to rely on her roots in strong corporate and banking backgrounds at AT&T, Mellon, and Norwest to infuse her companies with a “keep it simple” philosophy; have fun, work hard and focus on teamwork and accountability.
McCarty is a frequent guest speaker, writer and personal business coach for influential leaders. She has appeared on national and international television, including FOX, NBC, CBS and the Christian Broadcast Network, Trinity, shown throughout the world. You can find more information about her books at The StarShine Effect, and Just Plane Yoga, and Totally Rich, Her book, written in collaboration with several best selling authors, Think and Grow Rich, Today, includes the original script of Think and Grow Rich and was a pivitol part of McCarty’s success strategy as a teenager. It became a best seller within five hours of its release. She has authored “how to” books and hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines. She has been featured in INC Magazine, the New York Times , Working Woman, the Business Journal and several other publications. She has been recognized with awards including, 2015 Business Journal, Outstanding Business Women, Phoenix Theater, Woman Who Cares, Working Woman’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, Los Angeles Music Humanitarian Award, Arizona Interfaith Golden Rule Award for Education and named one of the Top 100 Women of Arizona of 2000. Considered an expert in strategic partnering, she was honored by an invitation to collaborate with major universities in producing publisher, John Wiley’s, The Internet Encyclopedia , which includes her contribution Strategic Partners for the Internet.