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Not every day does a band come along that has the professionalism and determination like no other. Female fronted independent hard rock/pop trio, VARNA is that band. Formed in Los Angeles in early 2010 as ‘Living Eulogy’, their band name  VARNA was taken from the street that their rehearsal studio was located on. They would take refuge there after working full time at their mundane day jobs. “VARNA symbolizes to us, the place and time where you get to live out your dreams.” In late 2013, they released their debut EP, ‘This Time, It’s Personal’  featuring ‘My Heart’ and ‘Running Away’. A mix of commercial pop vocals accompanied by hard rock guitars, produced by Erik Ron (Panic at the Disco, Saosin, I the Mighty) TTIP immediately received international acclaim through press reviews and interviews reaching countries such as England, Ireland, Bulgaria, Australia, Latin America and The Philippines as well as state side, online charting in the company of major artists such as Linkin Park and Three Days Grace. 2014 proved to be an even bigger year for Varna. With their debut video for ‘My Heart’ premiering on, a ‘Success Story’ from Musician’s Institute, a clean sweep feature on Los Angeles’ KLOS FM ‘Stay or Go’ with Heidi & Frank plus multiple media press, it lead to a sponsorship deal with ColdCock Whiskey and their loyal fan base (#VARNFAMILY) securing a spot for them on 2014’s VANS Warped Tour. With the departure of guitarist Rossen Pinkas in 2014 and the addition of Eddie Haddid in 2015, they are currently in the studio gearing up for their second release in 2015 with Erik Ron once again.