Vee Gonzalez

Live Performance

Veronica was a character growing up. At five years old she would walk around singing with sticks in her hands, those she tore off from jump ropes, and would place tennis balls on top to use as a microphone to sing. Her family and friends would say she is a strong willed, outgoing, and never shy person with a big heart that she always follows. At the age of seventeen, with her family’s support, she began to compete at local talent shows and took every opportunity to entertain and sing her heart out to anybody who would listen. Being born and raised in Deep South Texas by both Hispanic parents who believe anything is possible with hard work and if you put your mind to it, there was no preventing Veronica in making her dream of being a Music Artist a reality.

After taking some time to raise her own family she scored her first major solo success when she was asked to compete in Sabado Gigante in 2010 and in the same year sang for the immense Spanish network Telemundo. Veronica also collaborated with a number of Spanish Artists such as Grupo Estruendo and Frankie Pangie, from the multi-talented group Kumbia Kings, in singing ballads and pop music. Veronica’s influences include Selena, Beyoncé, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber. What she respects most is their confidence to never give up on your passion.

Throughout the journey of trying to find the right genre that could compliment her image, Veronica was opened to diverse styles such as Grupero, Banda, Tejano, Hip Pop, English ballads, but could not quite make that connection. Getting lost in the lyrics while analyzing every word, it was then that Veronica decided to start writing her own feelings down into melodies. This helped her focus more on her singing while figuring out which genre best suited her writing abilities. Music is her happiness and she believes that as long as your spirit is in it, you can attain the gift to touch and connect with your audience in a more profound way.