Velvet Catfish

Nominated for R&B Album of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Velvet Catfish was conceived by songwriter / vocalist, Kymberly Evans & songwriter / guitarist, Terence Thomas. The two met singing backup and playing guitar for the late great Barry White on The Icon Of Love Tour. While on the road they discovered that they shared a common musical bond. Although singing and playing backup for various artists was lucrative, as well as, a great learning experience; it was not enough. Enter the conceptualization of Velvet Catfish. Once off the road Kymberly & Terence began writing into the night and often continuing into the wee hours of the morning mixing and composing the history making songs many of you have come to know. Combining the flavors of jazz, blues, funk, r&b, and alternative rock, a unique style that they coined “Neo-Eclectic Rock / Soul” was created. To make the recipe complete they added another dynamic ingredient, songwriter / drummer, Bobby Breton. Soon after, teaming with the driving engineer – producer – bombastic bass player Andre “Dre” Berry; musicians Leon Bisquera, Marc Kane, Dig Lewis, Ricky Riccardo, Herb Crosby, Derf Recklaw, Ben Thomas, & Tim Bennett- to name a few; and the spiritually guided inspiration of guardian angel – the late Norris Evans. Kymberly and Andre produced the groups debut CD – Velvet Catfish: The Album. With the encouragement of their fans, Velvet Catfish has gained a noticeable ear everywhere. Thanks to the efforts of Seriously Sound’s Ms. Marketta Rodriguez, (Houston, TX.
); Velvet Catfish began a small promotional tour. Ms. Rodriguez heard a 6 song EP that was handed to her in Cannes, France at an international music industry event, The Midem, earlier this year. After a 15-hour flight of nothing but the velvet sounds of this 6 song EP, Ms. Rodriguez contacted Kymberly full of enthusiasm and excitement. Within months, Velvet Catfish was asked to perform as a headlining act for Ms. Rodriguez’s first annual summer concert series. From this, offers to perform in Austin, Dallas, and the Afro American Music Festival in Detroit, Michigan soon followed. Don’t Fear, if you haven’t had an opportunity to hear Velvet Catfish live. You can usually catch Kymberly, Terence, & Bobby along with Lawrencia Colding, Marc Kane, Ben Thomas, Jennifer Letteleir, & Frank Garrett haunting a club in the Los Angeles area. Even better, they will be dishing out more soul food as they extend their promotional tour throughout the United States this fall / winter. Velvet Catfish has arrived and as grateful as they are to the fans that support them, they remain humble as they work diligently to give you heartfelt music that touches your velvet soul.