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Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards
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Cabaret Performer of The Year 2000 (LA Music Awards), A Naked Girl (Rock Musical), “Headlights And Tailpipes”(the show that gets your motor running)…(Headliner),

This is Venesa’s claim to fame song. It has had the most air time & ironically so. she is quite content in knowing that her song is still running and catching attention of all sorts up until this very day w/ the twisted chord changes and nice ballad ring. These days Venesa says the song is “Quite timely if you would think to compare the lyrical content with the worldly issues that we are facing”.
“Who Do I Have To Blow” appeared in “”, and at the L. A. 2000 Music awards where Venesa received award for her burlesque performance. And the most recent show at the Las vegas Stardust in 2006, “Headlight’s and Tailpipes”The show that gets your motor running. In this “Who Do I Have To BloW” video, Venesa is constantly getting mauled by men, and frustrated with the Hollywood game…with the tongue and cheek humour and no puns….really….lol.
Some people say, why did you have to make such a video with men slobbering all over you? Instead of an upbeat modelesque video where you look like you are rising above all the garbage. The answer to that is, well, Venesa isn’t about Candy coating things. Many people trying to get a break or onesup on another will do whatever it takes to get there. The video shows the real deal and something that many snobbed over actresses who have had great success would never admit to. How dare to think Venesa would downsize the depiction of the core by sluffing it off as a surface level spice girls video with fun and friendly imagery. It’s reality….and the reality is….Who you know and “Who you have to Blow”…whether you are killing them off, blowing up the world, or…….err…….chewing bubble gum. Your choice.
In the show “A Naked Girl” She shoots them all dead…The show would’ve gone over much better in Europe. But it’s about time the video gets some airplay here on Youtube. enjoy….