Veronique Chevelier Cyphyre

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2004 Unanimous Choice Award Recipient – Independent Cabaret Artist of the Year – 14th annual LA Music Awards

Veronique is a former ballet dancer and award-winning visual artist. She turned her creative energies towards music three years ago, and spent a year and a half writing, producing, directing and recording the Cabaret4Choice live theatrical production and CD.

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Cabaret4Cchoice™ -a collaborative musical project to benefit organizations who support choice, masterminded by Veronique Cyphyre, “Chanteuse with a Social Conscience,” is a variety act gone off its meds, running the gamut of musical styles from rewired nursery song, to wacky march- from tender folk ballad, to eco-reggae; a pleasing pastiche of everything from subtle sensuality to all-out lunacy.

She wishes to acknowledge and thank those her joined her in the project: Debra Farris (Indie Artist) – Composer, Arranger, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Burleigh Drummond (Bands: Ambrosia & Tin Drum) – Drums & Percussion Eje Lynn-Jacobs (Bands: Maria Muldaur, Stiff Pickle Orchestra)- Bass, Fretless Bass, Percussion, Vocals Ronnie Antman (Indie Artist)- Lead Guitar, Vocals Patricia Rushton (Indie Artist)- Celtic Harp, Accordion, Vocals Steve Fortner (Band: Area 51)- Keyboards Julie Lewis (Musical Ensemble: Moving Breath)- Vocals, Rap Heather Stevenson (Indie Artist) – Vocals Phyllis Inmahn (Our Little “Secret”)- Vocals

“I found Veronique Cyphyre’s Cabaret4Choice recording most enjoyable and well produced. The songs, besides being artistically good, give us a very positive message.” — Ian Bernard, Music Director, Grammy Awards, Rowin & Martin’s Laugh-In
“A lovely voice backed with expert musicians, Veronique Cyphyre’s Cabaret4Choice CD contains a strong selection of songs of various genres with a message and mission for which she is clearly extremely passionate. It’s great when music can have so much meaning. A recommended listen for all.” –Bobby Borg, Musician, Author- The Musician’s Handbook

“Cabaret 4Choice is definitely a classic gem with a “Now” message. The album delivers, in very pleasant way, important social message of freedom of Choice using a gamut of music styles as a carrier wave. Veronique Cyphyre as a producer did a superb job of packaging her concept. The arrangements and recordings are well executed and engaging. Kudos to the musical director to Debra Farris. The vocals are sublime and convey the messages in a very theatrical, cabaret style.I love the timing in “Who Owns Me Anyway” and I was completely transported by “Lullaby”. The songs certainly have a unique quality of getting under your skin.” –Mike Shadowsky, President Y3K GM Entertainment

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