1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Vida Live at D.Q.’s Backyard on 1994-05-29
by Vida

Published May 29, 1994 (check for other copies)
Topics Live concert
1 Vida Get Ready
2 Maggot Brain
3 My Cup Is 1/2 Full
4 Big Sky 6:27
5 Sympathy For The Devil
6 Take A Walk
7 The Hunter
8 Everything
Disc Two: Set Two
1 Black Napkins
2 My Cup Is 1/2 Full
3 Truck Drivin’ Man
4 Brother Ego
5 Evil
6 Buy A New Me
7 The Hunter
8 Sick And Tired
9 Vida Get Ready
Collection Vida
Band/Artist Vida
Venue D.Q.’s Backyard
Location Redondo Beach, California

Source D.Q.’s Backyard Memorial Day Barbecue
Lineage Mono Micro Analogue Cassette>Analogue Cassette>CDR>flac
Taped by Cynthia Littleton
Transferred by Tom Troccoli

Vida May 29, 1994
D.Q.’s Backyard Memorial Day Barbecue
Redondo Beach, California
Mono Micro Analogue Cassette>Analogue Cassette>CDR>flac
Taped by Cynthia Littleton
Total Time for Both Sets 79:57
Disc One: Set One
Total Time: 41:24
1 Vida Get Ready 5:33 (Troccoli)
2 Maggot Brain 4:59 (Clinton, Worrell)
3 My Cup Is 1/2 Full 4:17 (Cadena)
4 Big Sky 6:27 (Cadena, Bowman, Cicero)
5 Sympathy For The Devil 6:21 (Jagger, Richards)
6 Take A Walk 5:05 (Cadena, Viscarra, Cicero)
7 The Hunter 3:23 (King)
8 Everything 5:16 (Cadena)

Disc Two: Set Two
Total Time: 38:32
1 Black Napkins 7:43 (Zappa)
2 My Cup Is 1/2 Full 4:33 (Cadena)
3 Truck Drivin’ Man 3:48
4 Brother Ego 3:54 (Cadena, Bowman, Cicero)
5 Evil 3:14 (Dixon)
6 Buy A New Me 2:51 (Cadena)
7 The Hunter 3:09 (King)
8 Sick And Tired 3:30 (Cadena, Bowman, Cicero)
9 Vida Get Ready 5:47 (Troccoli)

Dez Cadena: Guitar & Vocals
Rick ‘Rico Suave’ Snyder: Drums & Vocals
Bill Bowman: Bass & Vocals
Tom Troccoli: Guitar & Vocals

NOTES: Another not great sounding tape. It’s mono, and lots of hiss. You MAY be able to fit both sets on a single 80 minute disc, but I have the two sets split for seperate discs. There is also a tape-flip on Disc 2 between tracks 6&7, no music was lost. None the less, the best and most fun example of ‘Rico Suave” era Vida I have.
At this point I had been in the band less than a month, and Rico had been drumming (he originally wanted to sing) for even less time than that! We had a total of maybe 6 tunes in the rehearsal stage, but nothing was actually ready. The rest of the tunes we sort of bluffed our way through. You’ll notice it took three different singers to remember all the words to Sympathy For The Devil, and they’re still wrong. Buy A New Me is so bad it actually falls apart half way through and is abandoned. Yet all in all it captures the real ‘just get out there and do it’ that Vida was all about.
Another side note, what is called “Vida Get Ready” here was later wedded to the tail end of Ponce.
D.Q. who was bartender at The Hermosa Saloon invited us and one or two other local bands to entertain at his barbecue for Memorial Day. Figuring it to be a ‘practice sesh in front of people’ we said yes. It turned into a whole lot of fun for the band, and for ‘Hey, these are my friends maaaan’ D.Q. as well.
I do have one or two better sounding examples of Rico era Vida, but none are this improptu, or as much fun. Thanks for your permission to post this one Rico! And hey, thanks for having us D.Q.! You cook a wicked bird!