Performer at the 15th annual LA Music Awards Voting Party

VIE Description/Bio:
VIE was formed in March of 2005. After a short time together, this five piece female-fronted alternative metal / hard rock band has been awarded Rock City News’ “Outstanding New Band” and “Outstanding Female Front Person,” LA Music Awards Indie Front Person of the Year and All Access Magazines Best Male Guitarist, featured on the cover and in several issues of Rock City News, and performed in some of the most famous and prestigious clubs in Los Angeles.

Members Brian Brown (guitar) and David Rodgers (drums) had been playing together in a former band for 3 years when they decided to venture in a new musical direction, without limitations, to create a sound that would separate them from the pack. They immediately started looking for the right musicians with which to explore and create. After many auditions, they knew they had found the perfect front person and collaborators when Noa (vocals/lyrics) , Jose Hernandez (guitar), and Mike Tsouris (bass) entered the studio. From the very first rehearsal, they knew they had something unique. Songwriting seemed almost effortless, and within a few months, VIE had no questions about the material, the band, and the outcome of their musical vision. They had created something their own.

VIE is an enigma of musical diversity. Musical moods range from the beautifully haunting to desperately frantic to sexually inviting, saturated with dissonant sounds and unconventional chord structures and rhythms, all set in a commercially viable format.

VIE is something truly new and original, with each member having completely different backgrounds, influences and musical tastes. Those differences are what make VIE. With the powerful yet vulnerable voice of Noa, the unconventional chording of Brian, the haunting textures of Jose, the innovative avant-garde style of Mike, and the intricate, solid rhythms of David, VIE is a definite “must see and hear”. Are you ready to experience VIE?


Our first full length cd “Black Market Prophecy” is in the final stages and should be done this month. We will let you guys know as soon as we have a release date.

We had such a f**kin great time play at The Kittie show! The Whisky was packed! Most if not all the other bands were really more of a kinda “hardcore” sound. And that is not us we are heavy but not hardcore. SO we weren’t sure exactly how the crowd was gonna react. But they were GREAT!!!!! Very responsive and totally into it from the very beginning. So it was like HELL YEAH now we can relax and rock this f**kin place and that’s what we did. It was awesome!! I wish we had a longer set because I did not want to get off the stage!!!! (btw we should have live pics of the kittie show on the web very soon)

Then a few days after the Kittie show we were on our way to Tempe/Phoenix Arizona. It was a long ride but fun. Especially when you are riding with Mike and Jose who love to verbally abuse each other. (example: Mike to Jose, “I sh*t on your mother, you f**kin hippie”) yeah this is at around 8:00 a.m. and it contiuned from there… Male bonding…? We had two shows and we had a great time. Played with a very cool band called “Antique Scream” the first night. Met some very cool people at “The Old Brickhouse”. Roger, Lee, Brittany and Chelsea. We ended hanging out there until it closed and then went and ate Thai food at 3:00 a.m. I couldn’t believe there was a Thai restaurant open at 3:00 a.m. Anyway we are hoping to go back and play there again very soon. “The Old Brickhouse” is very cool club! Great Sound, Great Stage, Very Cool People. We drank a little too much but oh well Screw it!!(btw) there are a few pics of the trip on our myspace page

This weekend we are on our way to Vegas!!! Let me say I freakin love Vegas! Everything about it!!! Love!!! So this should be fun. I will write and tell ya about it when we get back and if you are in Vegas come out.

Oh sh*t in my rambling I forgot: We also have a live video that was shot for on our myspace page as well(look above for address) so check that out and we also have t-shirts for sell now and will have a store up on the site soon. So keep checking back in. Alot of new sh*t happin….

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