Vincenzo of V2

Live Performance

Red Carpet Interview

I started playing the drums when I was 7.

My mom wanted me to learn to play Beatles songs, but once I heard AC/DC’s Back in Black CD, I just wanted to play AC/DC.

I can play a bunch of ACDC songs now plus dozens of our own original songs.

V2-257The first time we ever played in public was at our Cub Scout talent show where we played TNT and Back In Black but we did not sing. A month later was a talent show at our school, and we played TNT, Back in Black, and Highway to Hell and sang the songs too.

A video was filmed about us at the catholic school talent show. You can see it on our website under rockumentaries. If you like it, press the like button so all your friends can see it too.

We held our first real concert when we were 9 years old at Rock Star University’s HOUSE OF ROCK. We played 6 original songs and 6 ACDC covers. You can read the full page article that ran in the newspaper about our performance here. It was quite a show and I realized how much fun it is to perform in front of 300 screaming fans!

V2-063The, when we were 10, we delivered another big, live concert playing 12 original songs and 6 ACDC songs at HOUSE OF ROCK and Jack Blades from Night Ranger interrupted our final bows to give us his personal guitar that he signed “To Vittorio and Vincenzo, Keep Rockin! Jack Blades, Night Ranger” Jack then asked us to play his favorite AC/DC song, Highway to Hell. I said we would play it if Jack would sing it, so Jack joined in. It was cool. Jack told the audience we were the greatest ten year old rockers he had ever seen. That was quite a compliment coming from the lead singer of Night Ranger. Those guys have been rocking the world for 40 years! You can read the article that was in the newspaper about the show here.


We Are V² Debut AlbumOne day when we were rehearsing at Rock Star University a legendary rock producer by the name of Ron Nevison stopped by to watch and listen to us. Ron Nevison has engineered and produced music for over four decades including multi-platinum albums for Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Who, Heart, Chicago, Damn Yankees, KISS, Night Ranger and many more. After watching us play Long Live Rock N Roll and I Like Doing This the Best, he offered to produce our first studio album.

So we spent 14 days over the summer in the studio, producing our first album, We Are V². It was a lot of fun, but was also a lot of hard work and rehearsing. But it really came out good. So good that we were nominated for 7 Los Angeles Music Awards. We have been told that no artist has ever been nominated for 7 LA Music Awards so it is quite an honor.

We played two songs at the LA Music Awards show on November 12, 2014. We played the title track to our debut album, We Are V² and a song off the album that was nominated for Rock Single of the Year, Long Live Rock N Roll. Before we have finished our two song set the entire crowd was on their feet screaming and applauding for us. It was really cool. After we completed our songs, the producer of the LA Music Awards, Al Bowman came on stage with SEVEN LA Music Award plaques. V² Second Album Cover We won ALL 7 Categories! Boy was that exciting! Best day of our lives! You can see a full page article about our LA Music Awards night that was published in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat here.

We went to Disneyland for the next two days and even stayed in the Mickey Mouse Signature Penthouse at the Disneyland Hotel. Life is sweet!

We are going back into the studio over Christmas to produce our second album, Pass the Rock N Roll Torch. Here is a picture of the album cover. Pretty cool.

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Vincenzo, V²