Vinny Fazzari

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Live Performance

International Solo¬†Artist of the Year –¬†16th Annual LA Music Awards

Nominated for Independent Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Vinny Fazzari – Is an award winning American singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He was raised off the Southern California coast on an island in a little tiny village called Avalon. This is where he started his love for music.

He started out with music by learning to play the drums at age 4 but switched up his instrument to guitar when his mother turned him onto one of her favorite groups, The Beatles. By age 9 he started performing in rock bands playing his Gibson Melody Maker his uncle had given him who was teaching Vinny guitar on Catalina Island. But he also still loved to pound the traps and by age 14 he was playing the drums in a nightclub professionally with veteran players. Vinny collected some great stage experience there watching every move and learning from these older guys who had already been doing this for most of their lives. He wasn’t actually allowed to be in the club as it was a 21 and older establishment but there was a door right behind the drum kit to the outside. So whenever the band took a break, Vinny had to exit the building and hang out on the curb outside till the next set. Vinny didn’t mind though for the paycheck was great especially at 14 years old.

Vinny made a name for himself in the Southern California Santa Monica, Venice Beach area where he owned and operated his own professional recording studio engineering and producing bands and solo artists. But his love for the stage took him away from that field when a buddy of his, Lee Curreri turned him onto a manager who loved Vinny’s music and took Vinny under his wings. He sent Vinny to Europe to pursue his live performance career. Vinny used Amsterdam as his home base while touring through Germany, Italy, Spain, Prague and Holland of course. While in The Netherlands, Vinny caught word that he had been nominated for an award at the Los Angeles Music Awards. So he hopped a plane to be there for the event and to his surprise he won the best international solo artist award at the red carpet event that year. Vinny also met his wife Iris while living in Amsterdam and they have two gorgeous little girls, Lotus and Lily-Velvet.

Vinny has performed as a solo artist in the United States as well as in Europe and looks forward to upcoming live performances to support his forthcoming album that he self produced entitled, Live Life Long. It will be released this year, 2015.