Warner Sisters

Highlight Reel

2013 Sponsor – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

As the founder and president of Warner Sisters, I whole-heartedly believe that the moving image—in the form of films, television, video and other media—is an incredibly powerful communication tool. It can be equated to today’s tribal drum—carrying emotional, intellectual and philosophical messages, which are hummed almost unknowingly or subliminally as the result of taking in this form of entertainment.

Warner Sisters is here to carry on the purpose of the original Warner brothers’ motto that my grandfather, Harry Warner, president and founder of the studio, initiated and implemented for over fifty years. Producing entertainment that “educates, entertains and enlightens” is my legacy. Inspiring other artists and businessmen to increase understanding amongst their fellow man is, I believe, our creative duty and honour.

As a woman, a mother and grandmother, I’m aware of playing a tremendous role in creating tomorrow’s reality. Being creators and nurturers of new life and the future generation, I believe we have a certain obligation to reflect this quality in our creative lives and in our work.