Wax Sound

Highlight Reel

Red Carpet Interview

That night on August 26th, 2006 I shook Bruce Jenner’s hand when Wax Sound was nominated for, and later won, a Los Angeles Music Award for Industrial Single of the Year.

Wax Sound met, and began writing and recording music in November 2005. Mutually disappointed in modern popular music, Wax Sound creates unique electronic based rock with an Industrial influenced rhythm section. Blind reviews at Garageband.com placed them at the top of the Industrial charts. The song “Outside Momentum” won an award for Single of the Year 2006 in Industrial by the Los Angeles Music Awards. Mike is responsible for programming and production, has been producing electronic music for 9 years, and has recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor in Music Synthesis. Adam is the vocalist and guitarist. An experimental musician from Los Angeles whos musical credits include dabbles in the “Adult Video” business and forthcoming independent small films. Raised on classic rock, punk and heavy metal, later introduced to electronica and computer software, and a creater of cross-genre experiments under multiple pseudonyms. The live incarnation of this band is in the state of development. Oz of “SpareOpenSore” also contributes guitar, bass and vocals.